Hanky Spanky Christmas by Amy Andrews

T’was the night before Christmas….

With a sudden hankering to be spanked, Darcy Henderson figures Mitch Callaghan is the man for the job. But is she woman enough to take it?


Snippet © Amy Andrews

Darcy and Mitch are the only 2 twenty-something’s in an apartment villa complex full of match-making senior citizens. They’ve already shared a few tipsy kisses before the story begins but things are about to get serious. During a night out with the girls she ends up at the place where Mitch works – a kink club. Darcy is captivated. Suddenly a little bit of kink for Christmas is looking good, especially if she can convince Mitch to play…

They passed his apartment as he walked her another ten paces to her door, festooned with a lush green wreath. “Here we are,” he announced, dropping his hand from her waist lest he be tempted to crowd her back and do the kissing this time. Darcy may be cute as hell when she was tipsy but there was no way he was taking advantage of her liquored-up state.

Although, hell, if she wanted to lay one of those messy-hot, liquored-up kisses on him then he wasn’t going to stop her.

“Where’s your key?”

She leaned back against the white stucco wall beside her door, her breasts thrust out nicely. “In my bag.”

When she made no attempt to retrieve it, he took her bag out of her fingers, zipped it open, found her keys and shoved them in the lock. Then he reached for her phone. “What’s your code?”


“I’m going to set your alarm in case you forget to.”

“Good idea,” she nodded, prodding him in the chest again.

“The code?” he prompted as her finger took to stroking instead of poking, brushing against his nipple.

She shot him a grin. “Six nine, six nine.”

He shot her a sceptical look. “Bullshit.”

“Nope. I swear. Sixty-nine, sixty-nine. The year both my parents were born. Easy to remember.”

For more reasons than one. After all, what was more memorable than one sixty-nine but two?

Mitch keyed the code in and tried not to put Darcy and sixty-nine together in his head, a feat that was near impossible while she was drawing maddening circles around his nipple. He shook his head when it worked then quickly navigated to her alarm and set it for quarter past seven.

Rather her than him. He planned to be tucked up in bed dreaming about sixty-niners at that time.

“Okay,” he said handing the phone back to her. “You’re all set.”

She dropped her hand from his chest and slid it onto the phone but didn’t take it off him. “I want to do that,” she said.


“Be spanked.”

Her words slammed into his groin with all the heat and intensity of a fireball. He’d seen plenty of people getting spanked (amongst other things) at Fine Lines. Clearly it worked for some, and Mitch was all for a bit of choose your own adventure when it came to sex, but he preferred it where everyone involved got off and no one was hurt in the process.

“Okay,” he said, sliding his hand on her hip and urging her off the wall. “I think you had one too many Callaghan’s. They kinda sneak up on you.”

She draped one arm around his neck and fisted her other hand in the front of his t-shirt as she settled against his body. Her breasts smooshed nicely against his chest as the sugary sweet smell of butterscotch took over from the heavy perfume of hibiscus.

His cock appreciated her move, even if it wasn’t what he’d been going for.

“I want you to spank me,” she murmured.

His cock appreciated that even more. “Oh you do, huh?” It was hard to keep the amusement out of his voice with a serious frown crinkling her brow.


“Because I work at Fine Lines?”

“Yup.” She gave an exaggerated nod. “And because of this.”

She yanked on his shirt and rose on her tiptoes, pulling his head down, going straight for the kill, sucking him in to a kiss that was hot, deep and wet right from the first touch of their lips. Her tongue boldly sought his and Mitch groaned.

She tasted like booze and maraschino cherries.

His hands slid from her hips to her ass, tucking her in closer, her corresponding moan shooting like wildfire through his veins, setting fire to everything in its path.

She moved restlessly, hungrily, tantalisingly, against him and blood from every vital organ rerouted to his cock. If he didn’t pull away he was going to ruck her skirt up and fuck her against the stucco and that’d really give their neighbours something to talk about at the monthly unusual disturbances meeting.

There was a damn committee and meeting for everything around here.

Mitch gathered every skerrick of his rapidly diminishing self-control and wrenched his mouth away, taking a step back.

Neither of them said anything as they stared at each other, chests heaving. It was all he could do to breathe and remain upright.

“You need to get to bed,” he said eventually.

She nodded, her tongue running over her lips as if she was still trying to taste him, and he nearly reached for her hip again. “What about the…spanking?” she asked, her voice still breathy, her interest clearly still piqued.

Mitch doubted she was really serious. A lot of things that seemed like a good idea at booze o’clock soon lost their shine when all that was left was the hangover and a huge dose of what the hell was I thinking. A little light BDSM was one thing, but wanting her ass tanned red like the sub on all fours at the club was another.

And, frankly, he didn’t think she was the type. Not that there was a type— his work at the club had taught him members of the BDSM community came from all walks of life—but he’d developed a bit of a sixth sense since working there, and nothing about Darcy said tie me up and spank me with a riding crop.

He doubted she’d even remember this conversation in the morning.

“Ask me when you’re sober some time,” he said, then turned away before her leopard-print dress brought out the animal in him.


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Amy is an award-winning, USA Today best-selling Aussie author who has written sixty contemporary romances in both the traditional and digital markets and been translated into over a dozen languages including manga. She likes to make her readers tingle, laugh and sigh. And please don’t mess with the HEA!

She loves travel, the beach, good books and great booze although she’ll take mediocre booze if there’s nothing else. At sixteen she met a guy she knew she was going to marry and she did. They have two grown kids who never stay away long enough to be missed. She lives on acreage on the outskirts of Brisbane with a gorgeous mountain view but secretly wishes it was the hillsides of Tuscany.





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