Thought I’d give you a New Year’s Resolution update: I have a waist again. 🙂

Thanks to my daughter, Kelly, and her sometimes cruel and breathtaking (as in, I can’t breathe, daughter mine) workouts and my concerted effort to avoid “killer white” AKA sugar, I’ve lost 12 pounds and enough inches that I can actually see my waist. Well, I always could, but now it curves in, not muffin-tops out.

Fellow author Mary Sullivan shared the following video workout that I really like. It’s called the Joel Harper No-Crunch Abs Workout. ABS.

Last weekend, we visited the town of Murphy’s in Calaveras County, California. It’s a sweet little Gold Rush-era town with quaint shops and wine tasting to your heart’s content. Our timing was a little off because it was rainy and cold (this weekend is going to be 90-degrees). But we still had a great time and we got to see an amazing tulip show at Ironstone Winery.

And my personal fave–one I call “A Daisy in the Tulip Patch”:

My photographer friend, Jackie Maxwell, also visited a tulip festival in Portland, Oregon, last weekend and has some gorgeous shots up on her website: JaxImages. Enjoy!!!

So, any progress reports you’d care to share, my friends? How are those Resolutions holding up? Keep trying. I really like feeling a bit more fit. Crunch on…