Five reasons to love October

Do you have a favorite month? Please, don’t say December. That’s too easy. I’ve given this some semi-serious thought and I pick: October.

Here are MY 5 reasons why:

#1 – My anniversary is October 19th.


Math is not my strong point, but, yes, it was quite a few years ago. I was blond. My mother sewed my pale blue wedding dress–and all the bride’s maids full-length gowns, too. What a woman!

If you promise not to be scandalized, I’ll share one silly memory of that day…or rather the morning after.

We were married in Brookings, South Dakota, which is a very popular destination for pheasant hunters. Opening day of pheasant hunting season happened to coincide with my wedding day. Given young men’s predilections for decorating the bridal getaway car, it probably shouldn’t have surprised us when we exited the Holiday Inn Bridal Suite the next morning to see our MGB adorned with streamers, cans, and…yes…prophylactics.  One even encased the antenna. I still shake my head imaging the laughter this evoked amongst the hunters that morning.

#2 – My sister Jan was born on Oct 26, 1936.

july 4

We lost her to cancer four years ago, so I am dedicating this blog to her–and to my friend Linda Barrett, who has bravely written a memoir about her TWO battles with breast cancer. If you know anyone dealing with the hateful demon, please forward them the links to this beautiful, redemptive, hopeful love story written by a two-time survivor.


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#3 – Sierra Art Trails is this weekend (Mariposa County, California).


I realize this is a local event, but I’m sure you have similar venues that celebrate the creative spirit in your area. Once a year, local artists open their studio doors to patrons. Writers are not included in this particular venue for the simple fact that watching a writer work would be BORING (my dogs complain all the time), but I know how good it feels when someone acknowledges your hard work with a kind word and/or actually buys what you produce. 

So, let’s celebrate ART this month!

#4 – Halloween/Fall Festival


Our grassroots charter school holds a Fall Festival on the last weekend before Halloween. Students/parents/ grandparents wear costumes, play games, walk in circles to win cakes and goodies. We laugh a lot and enjoy all that is good about Halloween. Winter is coming, people. (Why, yes, I am a Game Thrones groupie. How ever did you guess?) Let’s have some fun while we can.

#5 – I get my breasts squished.

images-2Just do it. For yourself. For the people who love you and want to keep you around a bit longer. October is a great month to schedule your annual exam because…well, how could ever forget with all this pink around?

Wishing you all a very happy October!


5 Replies to “Five reasons to love October”

  1. All great reasons to love October, Deb. I’m sure you would add #6 that it’s my birthday this month, too. hahahaha You’re more beautiful today than then. I love the Fall – it’s the best time of year! Hugs, Jackie

  2. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Jackie, happy birthday to you!

    #6 for sure!

    Thanks, my friend. You are too kind.


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