A Season to Love

I’m a four seasons kind of girl, and Autumn is MY fave.

daisy 1002
My mom in 1998 enjoying the aspens of Lake Tahoe at age 85.

Back-to-school. Chilly nights. Harvest moons. Frost on the pumpkins. Even, football.

(Oh, my Niners, I still love you, I do. Don’t disappoint me again.)





And September is one of my favorite months. I gave birth to my first baby on September 11 (long before evil tattooed that date on our collective consciousness).

All grown up and driving a school bus!
All grown up and driving a school bus!

And, now, I have a new reason to celebrate. September 12 is the release date for my new book, ARE WE THERE YET?  It will be available both in Print ($8.99) and all eBook formats ($3.79). PRE-ORDER HERE.


One woman’s funny, quirky, risqué journey of self-discovery on the road to love.

         She may be over the hill by some standards, but 50-something divorcee Judy Banger knows she’s sick and tired of plodding along the same old road to retirement. She joins a gym and charts a new course in search of a healthier, happier, more adventurous Judy. But the road less traveled is not without hazards, speed bumps and detours. Her first attempt to re-ignite her sex life winds up with a 911 call. 

        Add Judy’s platinumdigger BFF, a sue-happy lawyer, a carpenter with a Mrs. Robinson fixation, and a young cop who thinks Judy is in need of sex addiction therapy, and Judy’s ready to burn the map, give up her exercise class and move in with her hypercritical mother…until she meets Judge Wilson “Wiley” Canby. Wiley embodies the sexy fire and smoldering angst of every romance hero Judy ever imagined all in one perfect package. Too bad Judy’s never considered herself romance heroine material. And to make matters worse, their first meeting involves a black lace bustier, fishnet stockings and a whip named Gerald. 

 If this is the road to love, where’s the closest exit?


Throughout the month of September, I’ll be blogging about:

Road Trips–I’d love to hear your Best and/or Worst!

Bucket Lists–I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours–

and why I HEART Indie writing.


Instead of a month-long contest, I plan to do FOUR week-long contests. I’m also planning to try a Goodreads giveaway. Are you one of my Goodreads friends? Click here to join the fun.

More to come…





9 Replies to “A Season to Love”

  1. I think Spring is my favorite season, when the daffodils first burst all yellow and happy and everything is fresh and new. Your daughter’s gorgeous and your new book sounds like a blast. Congrats! Nancy

  2. How fun to see you, Nancy. I was just going to buy your new book!!

    Our California spring is not the same as the beauty and hope that greets those of you who have suffered through a long, white winter. Our spring evolves. Many times too early and too short. But the daffodils do bring joy to my heart.

    I’ll tell Kelly you said so.



  3. Hey Deb! It has been awhile since I’ve popped in, but since it’s the first day of school here, I’m out and about. This is my favorite season :).

    And I have to say that your book sounds hilarious! Love your sense of humor ;).

  4. Hi, Rula!!! So great to see you again. I’ve missed all my Superbuddies. Tomorrow is our first day of school. I get to take pics of my granddaughters. Very exciting.

    Thanks for the compliments. Hope you win a copy.

  5. Tina! Thanks for dropping by. Western NY is one place I’ve always wanted to visit. Hope you’re having a lovely trip. We get four seasons here, but they’re not the same as the ones I grew up with in South Dakota. Now, the mid-west KNOWS seasons. LOL.


  6. Spring is my favorite season. your book sounds wonderful. Please enter me in contest. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

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