Age matters…not!

Welcome to my first ever My Sexy Saturday blog.

This is part of a Bog Hop. That means my blog is one of many, connected by a common link so you can read and read and read…and discover new authors. Each other has the option of sharing 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs they deem sexy.

Here’s the link to check out other super fun, super sexy blogs. MySexySaturday

And since my 4-book Screw Senility features a 54-year old heroine, looking for love in some unexpected places, I thought I’d give you a peek at Judy Banger’s love life. Warning: it’s complicated. ¬†And naughty.

In this scene Judy Banger is seducing the contractor who came to remodel her bedroom and chase away the bad ju-ju after her last sexual partner kicked the bucket during/after coitus. Her new lover is nine years her junior. But who’s counting…?

Seven paragraphs…

“What the f*!# is that?”

“A French tickler.”

He let out a low guffaw. “I know what it is. I’ve just never seen one shaped like a devil’s head.” He picked it up, gingerly, examining the garish red, grinning horned figure, even waggling its protruding tongue back and forth. “It’s freaky. Where’d you get it?”

A stocking stuffer three years earlier from Pru sounded far too weird to share, so she shrugged. “A friend.”


She shook her head. “No. I’ve had it for a while. Been waiting for the right partner.”

He handed it back. Then, with a wide grin belying the devilish arch of his brow, he pointed to his groin. “Well, slap it on, darlin’. I’m your go-to guy.”

Yep, Judy Banger is full of surprises–4 books worth. Check ’em out here.


4 Replies to “Age matters…not!”

  1. I loved Jed – he was so cool and so perfect for Judy after the Buddy “episode.” What is a ‘bog’ hop? tee hee

  2. Thanks, jackie. I loved him, too. And how he and Judy remained friends after their time together was over.

    A blog hop is a bunch of authors sharing a connected theme ( Sexy Sat.) with a link that takes you the central hub. Click on the link and see all the possibilities. I’ve read six so far. So different and fun! Good way to “meet” new authors.

  3. Thank you, Dakota. I appreciate the comment. I really enjoyed reading some of the blogs on the hop. Unfortunately, I had a whole lot of family commitments–Saturdays are hectic! But I’m going to try to read them all.


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