Finally, Friday! Before and After…blurbs

Blurbs! Ack! Kill me now!

I hate to write book descriptions–or, blurbs most writers call them, which we all know are key to selling a book.

Blurbing (not a verb, but it is in my mind) should be an Olympic event. Think about it. You take several long, meaningful, and carefully thought out paragraphs that describe the story you just spent weeks or months, maybe years, writing then you mince said paragraphs into bite-size fragments designed to tantalize, tease, tell the reader just enough about the book to make her slap down her hard-earned money to buy it.

I’m terrible at it. Really bad. So, I signed up for a BestPageForward Webinar on the subject. (I’ll share the replay link below in case you’re interested.) I learned a lot. I learned that this process is really hard, completely subjective and brutally tough on the ego. You have two choices: develop a split personality or hire it done.

Since all my “pin-money,” as my late mother-in-law would say, is earmarked for my website remodel,  I’m going with split-personality. Writer-girl is hiding under the covers while blurb-girl gets out her erase key and thesaurus.

Here’s my BEFORE and AFTER. I consider both works-in-progress and will take any/all suggestions gratefully.


Here’s the link if you want to learn more from Bryan Cohen and Abigail Dunard. * Want to see how Abigail Dunard and I write book descriptions? Click here to watch the webinar replay!

Have a great weekend!


Really? Monday? I’m so outta here!

It’s Bon Voyage time!

Hubby and I are joining two of his brothers for a four-day cruise to Baja and Catalina Island. I’m so excited.

I’m hoping I can share photos on Instagram and Facebook, and I’ll tell you all about it when I return on Friday (probably not early enough to blog, but there’s always Saturday.) 😉

Thanks to everyone who commented (on this blog and on FB) with cruising travel tips. I think I’m ready (at least, I’m as ready as a cruise virgin can be.)

Have a great week!


PS: My READ4LESS newsletter is going out on Wednesday with some exciting new bargains. If you’re not signed up, here’s the link: NEWSLETTER.

Finally, Friday! Weekend, here I come!


My first week after vacation was interesting.

The usual catch-with life stuff made more complicated by a stomach bug. I’d be tempted to blame Montezuma’s revenge, but the babies had it, too. (Heard it’s a popular bug at school right now. Sigh.)

I’m finally feeling human today, so I went out to play before a big storm brings us more rain! Unusual for March, but we will take every inch of rain and snow (in the mountains) we can get.

Grrr. I still can’t upload photos. This is getting old, WordPress!

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!




Finally, Friday! Post-Valentine’s Day catching up…

Here’s something I find amusing:

Valentine’s Day fell on Ash Wednesday this year.

Today is Chinese New Year!

Easter will be on April Fool’s Day.

Can you tell I love reading the calendar?

How was your V-Day? Mine was routine because my hubby, bless his soul, was born without a romance gene. He means well, but the whole “one day of shouting out embarrassing professions of love” just isn’t his style. He likes to say, “I show you how much I love you every day…by working.”

He has a point. I used his tractor to haul the garbage cans to the community dumpster so he didn’t have to–that’s love, right? 😉

But we do have our mushy moments and we mouth, “I love you,” way more often than is probably necessary. (We’re old. We forget.)

I hope you had a lovely day of romance, complete with bling, baubles, and bubbly.

I’d planned to share this adorable video in my Valentine’s Day newsletter, but, alas, my VA’s computer died. EEEK! So, here’s my 14-month old granddaughter:

In case you missed it, I’m part of a fun Facebook promotion that runs through the 18th with some of the coolest authors on the planet. Instead of mushy Valentine sayings, we went for direct and honest.

Find a Hero Who Will Give You Whatever You Need:

My contribution is Arley McNamara, hero in Love, After All.  Still just 99¢ for a few more days.

Have a great weekend of reading! 🙂


Happy Monday! What do snakes, broken bones, heroes, and Valentines have in common?

What a weekend!

First mow of the season revealed this handsome fellow.

He’s a very angry racer snake. Not poisonous. Definitely not as happy to meet us and we were to meet him. I shared the teaching moment then let him return to his business.

Same day, my daughter fell and broke her right wrist in two places and sprained her left wrist while carrying the baby’s highchair back into the house.

My poor baby is the mother of three, including my youngest granddaughter who is only 1-year old.  Try explaining to a one-year-old that Mommy can’t pick her up because her arm hurts. 🙁

But on the UP side, my friend Teresa Hill has put together this fun collection of heroes from books that currently are FREE or 99¢. Take your pick from Donna, Fasano, Lisa Mondello, Patricia Keelyn, Kathryn Shay, Judith Arnold, Patricia McLinn, Teresa Hill and me. You can’t go wrong–on the hero or the books. Here’s the link: ValentinesHeroes.

In LOVE, AFTER ALL – West Coast Happily-Ever-After #5, Arley, the hero in the meme above, is a great guy with a big heart. (He’s also a trust fund baby who is a bit bored and a little lost.) His current windmill-worthy mission is helping a sweet old woman fight the Powers That Be to keep her pet pig, Cuddles. Arley’s “1%er” parents aren’t amused. And they’re even less pleased when Arley is photographed kissing his attorney, Gwyneth–the woman Arley knows is his one and only true love. But convincing Gwyneth they’re destined to be together might be the biggest challenge of his life.

I hope your VALENTINE’S DAY is delightful–or,  in my case, less eventful!




What a deal!

I just found out KOBO has a 50% off sale going for three days only.

KOBO sale banner-880x391-rev2

Personally, I love KOBO. Great reader service and super deals. Download the app for free and see for yourself. (I read my Kobo books on my iPad.)

Here’s the KOBO connection for my books, in case you missed any. Great way to fill in the gaps. Click on the cover.

Deb_Black Hills Billionaire300dpi1500x2400   Deb_Black Hills Bad Boy300dpi2400x3840   Black-Hills-Outcast-Kindle   Deb_Black Hills Bachelor300dpi2400x3600   Deb_Black Hills White Knight300dpi1500x2400


And this means my BIG SKY MAVERICKS  are 1/2 price, too.

MontanaRebel-MEDIUM  MontanaMiraclecover  MontanaRogue-LARGE MontanaHero-LARGE MontanaMaverick-MEDIUM  MontanaDarling-LARGE NobodysCowboy-MEDIUM

Happy shopping, my friends! If you’re anything like me, you can’t pass up a deal.


Friday the 13th!

Triskaidekaphobia, anyone?

Sounds like a good reason to stay home and read, doesn’t it? 😉

 Friday the 13th

UK Store –

CA Store –

Amazon –

iBooks –

BN –


Google Play –

But, if your boss won’t buy that excuse, then you simply have to carry on. (Even if you’re the boss.) So, here’s my real advice:

Stumble on

Have a fabulous weekend, my friends.



PS: BLACK HILLS RENDEZVOUS, BOOK V, releases wide on Tuesday, May 17th. Read a FIRST KISS excerpt here.

Cowboy love and a new contest

Did you ever read these? I confess. I did.

Confession time: I used to hate offering contests on my website.


Because they took so much time.  At the end of the contest, I’d write every entry on a piece of paper, cut the names into individual squares, put them in a box and call my granddaughter to come pull a name for me.

Archaic, right?

Then my pal, Rogenna, author and blog guru, told me about Rafflecopter. Believe it or not, I managed to set this up on my website–with a little help from my computer guru, David Newberry. Last month’s drawing was a breeze. Rafflecopter picked the winner. Her name, coincidentally, was Rogenna. 🙂

So, May’s Contest is now up and running. (Click HERE to go to the contest page.)

I don’t know how it works, but it does. And one of the great prizes, I’m pleased and excited to offer is a copy of Love Me Some Cowboy, the soon-to-be-released 5-book compilation from five of my favorite authors: Lisa Mondello, Barbara McMahon, Jean Brashear (who is up for 2 Ritas this year), Ginger Chambers and Day Leclaire (who is up for her 13th Rita this year).

The winner will also get any book in my Screw Senility! series, PLUS a $25 Amazon gift card!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now. Your chances are a whole lot better than the lottery–and it’s free to enter.


PS: If you’d like to share your special story of cowboy love, come on over to Goodreads. We’ve got a chat going on!

Spring blossoms with great books…

Oh, happy day — a very Good Friday!

Spring has arrived in wild, reckless profusion. The birds are carrying on something fierce outside my window. A small green and black snake just wound his way through my newly planted garden.

I love Spring. And the Easter Holiday is one of my personal favorites. I have great memories of dressing up in all my newly purchased finery–hats and gloves were a must–to go to church.

Competitive egg dying is a more recent thing, but when my nephews showed up at Grandma’s, egg hunting became a contact sport.
Nowadays, I’m seeing all sorts of toys, games, hair ties, kites and non-candy goodies showing up in Easter baskets.

This Sunday, several generations will gather at my brother’s and sister-in-law’s home to watch the “old” kids hide eggs for  the “new” kids while parents snap pics and grandparents snap pics of their kids snapping pics.

I will be taking the day to turn the “online” off and reconnect via “face time,” not Facebook. But, since this is a writer’s blog, I thought I’d spread some reading goodness in case you’d like to treat yourself to some fun, spring books for your eReaders libraries. Click on any image to take you right to the Amazon page.

Now $1.99!

$.99 Fun read!

A great Kindle buy at $.99

LOL fun! $.99

Double RITA nominee! Now, just $.99

May you begin next week and the new month with hope renewed.
Happy Easter! And Happy Spring!

Can we please have a time out?

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. Food and family. It’s Christmas with none of the pressure.

Sure, I wish it came a few weeks earlier as our astute neighbors to the north figured out. Mid-October would–wait, might–keep Christmas from encroaching on this middle-child holiday. (Although I will admit I’ve been seeing Christmas decor competing with Halloween recently.) But the whole Black Friday thing is making me crazy. CRAZY.

So, to keep it simple, I’m going to write down a list of things I’m thankful for…wait, is there an app for that? 😉 I want to be present–not think about buying presents at midnight. Midnight! All the stores are doing it. There are only a couple of things I’m interested in doing at midnight and, believe me, shopping isn’t one of them. 😉

So, here’s my list. Feel free to add yours. I probably forgot something.

1. My Hubby. I love this guy. He worked so hard to pull off my most excellent birthday party. He’s the hero of my love story no doubt about it.

2. My Kids. This includes my wonderful DIL. I’m proud of the two human beings I helped to raise. They are both hard-working, family-oriented, community-minded citizens of the world. I love them to pieces–Ruth, too, even though I didn’t raise her. But her wonderful parents did a great job, so I’m thankful for Frani and George, too.

3. My Granddaughters. Three unique individuals. Three smart, funny, kind, quirky, amazing little beings who are the absolute best reward for growing older.

4. Good health. Considering the cost of health care and insurance in this country–especially for self-employed individuals (like every writer I know), this is a HUGE deal. I wish this for all my friends.

5. Friends. My recent b-day was a great reminder of just how many wonderful people I am lucky enough to call my friend. Thank you all–this includes my online pals–for enriching my life.

6. Location, location, location. 🙂 As sad and frustrated I feel about some of the politics and some of the greed and some of the inhumanity that goes on in this country, I am equally amazed, impressed and heartened by the goodness, humanity and hope that I see, as well. Here are links to two stark examples that I ran across yesterday.

The first is about a group of animal lovers who rescued dogs that were going to “rounded up and shot”; the second is about the U.C. Davis pepper-spray incident. If you’ve already seen it, don’t bother looking again. It’s just plain wrong.

The good:

The bad:

But I can’t leave this blog on a sour note, so here’s a photo that should make you smile. Let’s enjoy the moment.

Blessings be!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friends!