FIRST KISS=TUESDAY from Melt My Heart, Cowboy by C. J. Carmichael #whatlovetasteslike

Please welcome my friend and fellow “Love at the Chocolate Shop” author, C. J. Carmichael, whose new novel MELT MY HEART, COWBOY has just released. I love C. J.’s writing style and her wonderful, deeply thought-out characters. This particular snippet made me laugh. I immediately created this meme below, which I call “Cowboy Logic.”


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FIRST KISS Excerpt © C. J. Carmichael:

“Sounds like your mom was pretty special.”

“She was.” When they were both finished eating, he got up to clear the table. “And so was your dad, I hear. The owner of the hardware store was telling me that your dad was a bestselling novelist.”

“It’s true.”

“That’s impressive. Do you have any of his books?”

“Of course. They’re in my parents’ bedroom. My dad did all his writing there. Want to see?”

She was obviously proud of her father, which was kind of adorable. “I do.”

He followed her down the hall to the spacious master bedroom. The spotless room had a museum-type aura about it, no doubt because it hadn’t been lived in for many months. Brant’s attention went first to the large king-sized bed, made pristinely, with a folded quilt at the edge. Rosie walked past this, to the far corner where a large desk was flanked by a filing cabinet and a bookshelf.

First thing he noticed was a portrait of a handsome couple in their fifties. “This your parents?”

“Yes. They had that portrait taken shortly after my Mom’s cancer diagnosis.”

“They were older then, your parents?”

“Mom was almost thirty when she had Daniel, and forty-one with me.”

“Interesting. There’s a big gap between Sara Maria and me, too.”

“Not the easiest way to have a family. I was only eight when Daniel moved out of the house. I hardly knew him until Mom got sick. After that he was a lot better about phoning regularly. And he came home every Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

Brant nodded, but made no comment about there being a lot of days in the year between Christmas and Thanksgiving. During that time he supposed Rosie had shouldered the brunt of the care for their parents.

“And here are the books.” Rosie pointed to a row of mass paperbacks on the lower shelf. “All twenty-two novels, in order of publication.”

“Impressive.” He opened one at random and read the dedication, which was to “my son Daniel Linn, the screenwriter.”

“Sounds like your dad was pretty proud of your brother.”

“We all were. And I still am, of course. He’s working on an idea for TV series right now. If it gets backing, it will really make his career.”

“Sounds exciting. Guess you can’t wait to get to move there and be a part of it?”

She nodded.

“It’s good to have dreams.”

“Do you?”

“I’m more about living for the moment.”

“Is that a fact?”

“Like this moment. Right now.”

He wondered if she was aware how close they were standing, their shoulders just inches apart. He could see sandy-colored freckles on her nose, and the sweep of her eyelashes as she glanced from him to the bookshelf.

He reached out to touch her hair, which was trying to escape her hair clasp again. “I think this is about to fall out.” Indeed as soon as he touched it, the plastic clip fell to the floor and curls tumbled thickly around her sweet, round face.

Her gaze locked in on his and her pink lips parted.

Maybe it wasn’t the smartest idea in the world. But he had to kiss her.

Gently sliding one hand around her back, brushing the back of her head with the other, he pressed his lips to hers.

For several intoxicating seconds all thoughts were swept from his mind.

Then he felt her hand on his chest. A soft push away.

“What’s wrong?”

“This isn’t a good idea. We have a deal. We’re…business partners.”

“That’s one way to look at our situation. Here’s another. We’re two friends doing favors for one another.”

“Friends? A week ago you barely knew my name.”

New friends then. And you know what happens to men and women who become friends? They often turn into lovers. It happens every day.”

“But—I’m going to be moving.”

“You’re here now. Let me ask you this—did you like the kiss?”

Eyes luminous, she nodded.

“Then how about we try it again?”



Melt My Heart, Cowboy is available now!

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  1. Hey Debra thanks so much for featuring Rosie and Brant’s first kiss! Your blogs are always so much fun. Looking forward to hanging out with you at the Launch Party tomorrow!


    1. Me, too, CJ. It’s going to be a blast! And thanks for inviting along on the Chocolate train!!! I’m so loving these books. Reading Melissa’s now and Roxanne’s heroine is a HOOT!

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