FIRST KISS=TUESDAY (from His Blushing Bride, by Dani Collins)


Hello, wonderful Deb Salonen fans! I’m so excited to be visiting with you again!

The last time I was here, we had a great time reminiscing about our four-leaf clover searches as kids. This time I want to talk about childhood pets.

First, though, I should explain: All of my Montana Born stories can be read as stand-alones, but like all the Marietta stories, the characters overlap and are often friends and relations of previously published characters.

That’s why I’m giving away a print anthology of Montana Christmas to one lucky commenter. My hero in His Blushing Bride, Sebastian (Bastian) is the brother of Liz from Blame The Mistletoe, which is included in the Christmas anthology.

You’ll see that His Blushing Bride has a dog, Charlie. He’s a composite of all the goofy dogs I have met in my life, not a specific one that I know.

My husband and I are more cat-people and we’ve been horribly unimaginative with names: Tigger-bear, Charlotte, and Buddy. My sister had a dog named after the Maori war dance, “Haka,” which I’ve always thought was a great name for a pet.

To be entered into the draw, comment with the most colorful (or most boring) pet name you or someone you know has given an animal. Have you had a strange animal as a pet? Wanted a weird one? Please share what it was.

Wedding fever has hit the little town of Marietta…

Piper Tierney is busy wrapping up the school year and planning the music for Marietta’s Wedding Of The Century. She does not need one of her parents’ backpacking hippies under foot. Except the guy they let stay in their house is so much more than the California couch-surfer he resembles. Before she knows it, she’s making time to make time, even though he’s only in town for a couple of weeks.

Taking a break from working on his doctorate in political science, Sebastian Bloom wants to reassure himself his sister isn’t making another mistake with her upcoming wedding to a Marietta rancher. He’s definitely not looking for a bride for himself. Marriage and family are a trap. But Piper is cute, funny, and wants to move on from her ex.

They agree to a no strings affair, but will they wind up tying the knot?


“Hey.” Bastian’s running shoes appeared in front of her bare feet. He was suddenly a huge wall of masculinity, right in front of her. Her pulse tripped, then galloped when he set a gentle finger under her chin and tilted her face to look up at him. “I think you’re hot as hell.”

She desperately wanted to believe him, but, “You’re just being nice.”

He choked out a short laugh. “I’m not that nice, Piper.”

Maybe not. “No, you’re a player. Aren’t you?” She was inexperienced, not stupid.

His gaze remained steady. “I like to consider myself a connoisseur. Which is why you should trust that I know what I’m talking about.”

Her turn to laugh. “An expert, huh? And you’re…what? Willing to fix me?”

“Why would I need to? There’s nothing wrong with you,” he countered.

“Oh,” she chuckled. “So smooth.” She shook her head in amazement, dislodging his touch. “Seriously, Bastian, I’m tempted. I really am. But I need the training-wheels version of you. Not this…” She indicated all the rippling muscle under tight control that belonged in fire fighter calendars. “There are other women in this town, you know. You don’t have to settle for me.”

His head went back as if she’d taken a swipe at him.

“See, that pisses me off,” he said, tone still casual, but several degrees cooler. “I’m not trying to get laid here. I like you. You turn me on. I think I could rock your world hard enough you wouldn’t give a crap what your old boyfriend ever said and I’m damned sure you could rock mine. If you’re not into that, say so. But don’t act like you’re not good enough for me because that’s something nobody can fix except you.”

She dropped back a step.

“Really,” she breathed. “I turn you on.” Her face was going hot, probably red as the Marietta fire engine. This conversation was killing her, making her chest feel tight, but she couldn’t break away from those piercing blue-green eyes.

“Have a look, sweetheart. I’m already hard and I haven’t even kissed you yet.”


She did.

His fly was decidedly bulged.

Her insides trembled and her bones went weak.

She flashed her gaze back up to his and found his eyelids had lowered so his stare was now a sexy, intent, lazily hungry message of desire. “I really want to kiss you, Piper.”

She swallowed. Her lips began to tingle with anticipation. “Okay,” she whispered.

He didn’t laugh. He stepped closer, so tall and wide he overwhelmed, but even though she nervously brought her hands up, she just rested them lightly on the hard plane of his chest. She started when his hands found her hips, fingers splaying with confidence. She twitched again with nerves when his head dipped and tilted.

Then his mouth brushed hers and she relaxed. Receptive.

His mouth opened, and she let her lips part. A low, gruff noise sounded in his throat and he settled more firmly into the kiss. His stubble lightly stimulated as he slowly rocked her mouth open under his until they were kissing. Then kissing deeply.


Her knees felt weak and her arms went around his neck to hold on. His arms closed across her back, pulling her tight into his solid frame. His thighs were almost too hard against hers, like leaning against steel, but all that firm, warm muscle felt good, too.

They broke away to switch sides and his hand moved to palm her butt. Delicious radiations of pleasure went into her middle and spiked between her legs, making her wriggle closer and rub against him, liking that he was aroused. His other hand started to climb up her waist, over her ribcage. Her breast felt hot and heavy and tight, aching with expectation—

He took a stumbling step into her, scaring her into squeaking out a cry of alarm. He caught her close to steady her as he tried to keep his footing and bit out, “Damn it, Charlie.”

The dog circled and tried to goose the two of them with his nose, making them break away to dodge and catch their balance. Piper brushed the dog away, using the moment to try to gather her composure. Good grief. The man did rock a woman’s world.

“Worst wingman on the continent,” Bastian grumbled, giving the dog a disgruntled scowl.


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Award winning author Dani Collins wrote for twenty-five years before selling to Harlequin Mills & Boon in May of 2012. Since then, she’s turned in more than a dozen titles to Harlequin Presents and HarlequinE along with another four sexy, small-town novellas to Tule’s Montana Born. She has even found homes for some of her previously rejected manuscripts, including indie-publishing her single title romantic comedy, Hustled To The Altar and signing with a small press for her medieval fantasy, The Healer.

Dani doesn’t have any hobbies. She’s too busy writing. Look for Seduced Into The Greek’s World on shelves in June and His Blushing Bride from Montana Born on all digital platforms.

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Montana Born Brides Series

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To be entered into the drawing, comment with the most colorful (or most boring) pet name you or someone you know has given an animal. Have you had a strange animal as a pet? Wanted a weird one? Please share what it was.




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  1. My cats have a Hawaiian theme for their names. It all started with Princess Leinani (she’s no longer with me, her name meant beautiful child), then I got Kapono (named after a favorite musician Henry Kapono), Madame Pele is names after the volcano goddess and Miss Waikiki, the beauty queen is named after Waikiki Beach.

  2. OMG, you had me at poli sci–my major in college… and there was this guy…

    But, that was a hot kiss!

  3. Most interesting name hmmm I know those that have called thier dogs “Cat” and thier cats “dog”, Ruffkinz was one of mine. Many people have called thier pets by famous people or used cuss words as thier names (I used to do grooming so I heard it all practically). Boring name was just “Mutt” Come here “Mutt” and the dog would go. I have always wanted a Chinese Crested Hairless dog, and a hairless cat but I never got one or the other. I did get a Chinese Crested powederpuff. A dog with hair haha. I always wanted fantasy pets, like a dragon or unicorn but I knew I could not have them. I also wanted a crow and or a Raven, (I loved the movie Crow and I liked the wrestler sting). I also wanted a bat, that would have been cool lol. But mostly my pets I always wanted were from the ocean haha. But I did not want them to be trapped I wanted them to be free to roam like they are meant to be just to be there when I needed them hahahaha. So since the whales and dolphins, manatees, bats, unicorns, birds, and dragons were not available I opted for my dog. Merlin haha of course I would pick a wizards name!!! Fantasy, Magic, wonder haha it calls my name. (I had a cat named sckitzo because she was crazy but they told me to rename her to “Catastrophe” which I replied “Doggone that is a purrrrfect name!!!” hahahahahahaha)

    1. Catastrophe is a great name, Kyria. I never thought about naming a cat “dog” and vice-versa.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Friend had a beagle and his little sister insisted on ‘Snoopy’ for the name. I had 2 guinea pigs when I was little.. Mom was really happy to see those guys leave.

  5. When I was kid my cousins had a Schnauzer named Yogi (either Bear or Berra). My parents soon bought us a Schnauzer & we named ours Cindy Bear. Well, they were related. A few years later we added a Wire Fox Terrier which we named Schnappsy. German dog, schnapps drink. You get the picture. And no I was too young to legally drink at the time. When my oldest daughter was about 1-1/2 she & I visited my folks and she loved to chase Schappsy around the house, yelling “Dako, dako”. I guess that was dog in her language. My parents got another Schnauzer & named her Dako, in honor of my daughter’s word. Soon my sister got a Schnauzer & she named her Peppermint Schnapps (called Pepper) after Schnappsy who was no longer with us. In the meantime we got a Wire Fox Terrier for our family and we named her Zoe because she looked like Zoey on Sesame Street. My sister added another dog to her family, a yorkie, and named him Chewy, as in Chewbacca. After we loss our Zoe we added a tiny morkie (yorkie/maltese mix), who weighs 6 lbs, & we named him Teddy Bear because he looked like one. I voted for Tigger but was out voted by the kids. He should have been named Tigger because he has springs in his feet. Wow, this is long, but you get the idea.

  6. You guys! I’ve been in my writing cave and just came out blinking, remembering I had a blog post here. I’m sorry I didn’t visit with you sooner!!

    But I’ve just drawn a winner. Bonnie Gonzales, would you please contact me through my website ( with your postal address and I’ll get the stuff in the mail to you?

    I love all these names! My parents had a Schnauzer named Mac and a corgi named Frank. (?!)

    1. I’m hunkered down writing to meet my FRIDAY deadline.

      Congrats, Bonnie!!! I’ll mention this on FB, just in case.

      Frank and Mac! Good dog names. If I see these as characters in your book, I will laugh.

      Thanks so much for joining us on First Kiss:Tuesday, Dani!!! You rock!!!


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