Please welcome my old friend and Tule author, Kathleen O’Brien to First Kiss=Tuesday. I’ve loved Kathleen’s writing since our Superromance days and can’t wait to introduce you to her new Princess story.

Today, you’ll read a darling snippet from :


Prince Ronan Vicenza has hired Brenna Tinley to deal with a public relations snafu in the royal family. Only the two of them know that nine years ago he posed as a commoner and became her summer lover. He broke her heart when he left without a word, and he hopes offering this high-profile job will help make amends. But will it? He still wants her, and if he isn’t careful he might just break her heart all over again.




by Kathleen O’Brien

He couldn’t believe he was saying this crap out loud to anyone, even Brenna.

He had no intention of sharing the rest of the crazy story.  They’d send the men in the white coats if they knew he went to the cemetery every year hoping that someday he would walk away a free man.  Either his father’s spirit would send a message, releasing him from his promises, or he’d finally stand up to the old tyrant and explain that he didn’t need a ghost’s permission to be happy.  He was setting himself free.

“Anyhow,” he said.  “It never happens, of course.  I end up annoyed at myself for being so daft and wishing I’d gone fishing instead.”

She nodded—not agreeing, exactly, but just acknowledging.  She probably didn’t understand, but she was one of those rare people who didn’t use her own experience as the yardstick by which she measured everybody’s truth.

She was willing to accept that this was Ronan’s reality, and that was enough to make it legitimate.  He’d always loved that about her…

“You’re a very kind person, Brenna Tinley,” he said, out of nowhere.

She flushed, but he meant it, with his entire being.  What a gift she was…had always been.

Truth was, he had never deserved her.  Prince or no prince, he’d always been unworthy to kiss the ground this woman walked on, much less those generous, tender, loving lips.

And yet…

He didn’t think it through.  He didn’t ask permission.  Letting go of Pepper’s reins, he took three steps forward.  He gathered Brenna into his arms, bent his head, and kissed her.

Heaven help him…this might be wrong, but nothing in the past nine years had ever felt so right.  She belonged here.  His arms knew her, his mouth knew her, even his hungry heart knew her.

He knew he must never do this again, so he made it last.  Slowly, he dragged his mouth across hers, his heart pounding as he discovered she tasted just the same as she always had.  Wild violets and climbing roses bloomed in his veins, and he went deeper, parting her lips and driving into the sweet, wet shadows.

He could have stayed like that forever, with her fragile, intoxicating body warm against him, and her swollen lips trembling under his.

It was heaven, but he was greedy, and even heaven suddenly wasn’t enough.  He wanted to press her down against the cool grass right here, right now, and make love to her under the moonlight.  The way he used to do.

He would give every inch of his sorry soul to see her like that again, naked and unashamed, washed in ivory light.




Happy reading, my friends!


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