FIRST KISS=TUESDAY (from The Millionaire Daddy Project by Roxanne Snopek)

First Kiss= TUESDAY


The Millionaire Daddy Project

By Roxanne Snopek

Men of the Zodiac Series

 Take one wealthy, driven restaurateur, throw in a four-year old daughter he never knew he had and the uber-efficient assistant he’s never really noticed, put them on a wild, West Coast fantasy island for a month, and what do you get? Sun, surf, steam and heart-clutching new beginnings.

Roxanne headshotThat’s the basis of THE MILLIONAIRE DADDY PROJECT, my friend Roxanne Snopek’s latest sexy alpha-hero novel for Entangled Indulgence’s Men of the Zodiac series.

Roxanne says: “My hero, Dane Bergman, is a total Leo: determined, sensual, generous – and self-centered and oblivious. But don’t worry, there’s nothing like instant fatherhood to challenge a man to find his better self, especially with a suddenly-sexy but determinedly-professional executive assistant pointing out all his flaws. Dane finds love, times two, but I don’t make it easy on him!”


“You think you know what’s best for me, don’t you?” He watched with pleasure as Pam’s pupils widened, making her eyes look as dark as the sea.

She snorted. “Because I do.”

Heat scorched between them as they stood toe to toe, their arms brushing together, their eyes locked.

She didn’t seem the least bit uncomfortable that they were both half naked.

“Maybe at work,” he said. “But we’re not at work now.”

He nudged her arms with his and bucked one thigh forward until it bumped against her hip.

She shook her head, her gaze like a laser burning into him. “Not appropriate, Mr. Bergman.” But she didn’t back down, didn’t take her eyes off his. Instead, she lifted one eyebrow, the barest hint of a smile teasing her lips.

Her nearness acted like lighter fluid to a spark. How long had this been simmering? How could he have worked so closely with her for so long without noticing her in this way?

And what about her? She knew him, knew his reputation, better than most. She knew enough to insist they keep this private, secret.

Their clandestine getaway.

Her blazing blue gaze told him everything he needed to know.

“What if I don’t want to be appropriate, Ms. Atwater?”

He leaned his head down and lowered his voice. “What if I want to sling you over my shoulder and carry you out to the tide pools, where the water is warm from the sun? What if I want to strip off that top and pour handfuls of warm water over your shoulders, letting it trickle over your breasts, down your belly?”

“Definitely not appropriate.” Her voice trembled slightly but she didn’t break eye contact. A light sheen of perspiration had broken out on her forehead that was not due to the summer heat, he was certain.

“What if we both get in the water to cool off, but we find it’s a little too cold, so I lift you up against me and all of a sudden we’re not the least bit chilly anymore.”

He heard her breath catch in her throat.

“Sounds like.” She paused to swallow, but a smoky husk remained in her voice. “Like we might get sunburned in some delicate areas.”

Only the color in her cheeks betrayed what his words were doing to her composure. It was wildly arousing.

“Oh no. Those would all be under water, hidden and slippery, so all anyone could see from the surface would be us kissing. Completely innocent.”

His own voice was hoarse.

She swayed slightly, and touched his shoulder as if to steady herself. “Innocent,” she said.

He uncrossed his arms and put them around her gently. “Just like this.”

He bent down and touched his lips to hers. A quiver jolted through her and he felt the gasp against his mouth. She gripped his neck and pulled him down closer to her, her tongue meeting his, making the kiss deeper, longer, wetter and sweeter than he could have imagined between them.


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 Woot, Roxanne! What a great, provocative, heart-thumping scene! I can’t wait to read this book. Thanks for sharing another great kiss on First Kiss=Tuesday. 


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