From the ashes…

Sorry I’ve been MIA…just so much going on.

Sierra Foothill Charter School is making headway. We just hired a principal!!! This is so exciting. Here’s a link to the newsletter (which is my ongoing contribution to the cause).

But the big news around here involves FIRE…and community. Mariposa, CA, the little town we call home, suffered a huge loss on Friday night. An entire block–three buildings that were home to six businesses–burned to the ground. Gone. Completely, unbelievably gone.

Mariposa fire - 2 days later
Mariposa fire - 4 days later -- the spirit never dies!

Gone is the Pizza Factory, the Mariposa Arts Council, Grace Notes Wind Chimes, Pony Expresso, Windows On the World Book Store and the Yarn/Coin Shop.

When our children were young, nearly every kid’s birthday party/post game celebration/Mom’s-too-tired-to-cook-Friday-night involved pizza from Pizza Factory. Since I started working out at the local gym, the Pony Expresso has been a godsend on the mornings when Kelly has personal training clients. One of my favorite booksignings EVER took place at the Mariposa Arts Council gallery. It was magical being surrounded by beauty and creativity. The chimes I bought from Grace Notes are musically singing to me as I type.

I know the buildings will be re-built. I know the business owners will make it through the insurance/recovery nightmare. I know the people who worked for them and the people who frequented their stores will be okay. But there’s mourning to be done first. A 150-year old piece of history is gone and I’m sad.

But this morning my daughter and I were driving past the empty corner, our spirits low when suddenly we spotted balloons and people and a Pony Expresso sign that said, “Coming to a street corner near you.” Coffee on foot. How amazing and totally inventive is that!? The only thing missing were the scones, but I’m thinking those might appear one day soon. Don’t you love it?

I truly do admire the phoenix-like positive spirit that is Mariposa! It’s downright inspiring, which is why I’m signing off to get back to my writing.


PS: if you’re interested in helping the displaced employees and their families, here’s a link.

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    1. Thanks so much, Rula. I love seeing this resilient spirit but I really ache for those whose lives have been directly impacted by this event.

      Hope all is wonderful in your neck of the woods.

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