Love springs eternal

I’ve heard that expression forever but really never thought about it until I caught this post on a popular online site that I accidentally joined. (That happens a lot since I’m still wandering around the Net blind, most of the time.)

Here’s the headline that caught my eye: Elizabeth Taylor, 78, Engaged for the Ninth Time.

Ms. Taylor has since recinded that announcement via Twitter–good heavens, Liz Tweets? Another amazing thing!–but, for a moment, I was heartened by the thought that no matter your age or infirmity, as long as the heart is beating, that need for love, companionship and hope, well…springs eternal.

Sure, the cynics among you might have a problem with this given her marital record alone–who can forget Larry Whatshisname, right?–but I say, “If not now, when?”

Of course, that could be the romantic in me talking. I am a romance novelist, after all. And I’m not saying we shouldn’t be as suspect of a 49-year-old man’s intentions as we would be of a young female gold-digger tying the knot with a man thirty years her senior. My point is simply that a heart that beats still craves love,  and while fame and wealth might bring you more offers–realistic or not–who can blame someone for wanting love–at any age?

The world is full of critics who snub romance novels as being too unreal. But as Mark Twain pointed out, “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn’t.” – Following the Equator, Pudd’nhead Wilson’s New Calendar

I don’t have a former screen goddess in a wheelchair poised–or not–to marry for the nineth time in one of my books, but I love the possibility. The heart, like Truth, makes its own possibilities.

Tell me a “real life,” unlikely love story and your name will be entered into a drawing for the first copy of my new release, UNTIL HE MET RACHEL (got the title right this time, I think), as soon as my review copies arrive.

Happy Tuesday to all my fellow Glee fans!


6 Replies to “Love springs eternal”

  1. First time I talked to the-man-who-I-would-marry-and-then-divorce, he was waiting outside my work. He was there to pick up another girl I worked with who he had a date. She had me make excuses for her while she and another girl snuck out the back door! Later, he ended up asking me out and I went.

    No need to put me in for the book – waiting for my order from eHarl to arrive any day…

  2. That is funny, Marcie. Makes for a great beginning to a story–even if the ending didn’t wind up a HEA.

    Ellen Too commented on the eHQ blog thread that she’s already received and read UNTIL HE MET RACHEL because her Superromance subscription books had arrived a few days ago. Wow! I knew they went out early, but the April authors only got their books last week. Something about this system is not right.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. I was surprised to see them on the shelf in the grocery store last Friday.
    I think writers should get their copies first!

  4. -My dh’s grandfather got married 6 months after the dh & I did. Both had been widowed he only 2 years before and she about 20 years. He was 70 and she had her 82nd birthday a few days before they were married –said she had wait to be legal LOL They were married between 9 & 10 yearsbefore she pasted away. He went on to live till hewas 92 but never married again. I don’t think he thought anyone could have taken any better care of him My dh’s grandma didn’t fuss over him the way his 2nd wife did. It’s been many years ago dh & I celebrated our 40th anniversary a few months ago. It was a romantic tale though.

  5. I subscribed to HH for several years and I never got mine before the 16th of previous month. I’d say May books wouldn’t be here till around the 20th of April let’s say if I was lucky.

    Elizabeth Taylor has been without a husband for many years now I’d think she wouldn’t want to bother with one now LOL

  6. Barbs, that story choked me up. Love it!! I’d be delighted to send you a book, if you don’t have it coming through the subscription.

    Yes, you heard that right: I GOT MY BOOKS. New record for early arrival, I swear. Don’t tell the April authors. Actually, we were told that April was the first month they were going back to the “old” thicker paper. Apparently, reader focus groups and general feedback was not good regarding the new paper, which made the books look very thin. So, maybe the holdup was in production. All I know is I’m thrilled to have these and have been busy sending out review copies.

    The only bad thing is they cost $3/book to mail. Zikes! I wonder if the skinny books weighed less? Sigh.


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