May Book Club=6; mosquitoes=1million

The Wine, Women and Words Book Club met last night to discuss my May Superromance, PICTURE-PERFECT MOM and New York Times’ bestseller, The Shack. The heroes of both books were named Mac. That’s about it for common bonds, but both garnered a lot of talk. All thumbs up for Picture-Perfect Mom, I’m happy to say. Mixed reviews for The Shack. Since my mother used to warn me never to discuss religion or politics at a party, this book made for an interesting discussion.

photoHere we are happily enjoying our early summer evening on the patio, dining on strawberries and whipped cream. As Donna (second from the left) says, “Life is short, eat dessert first.”

We were sipping wine and munching on fried tofu and grilled veggies when the first of the vampire invaders arrived. About the time we finished the main part of our meal, they brought reinforcements. Mosquitoes. To reference The Shack, we cried, “Papa! What were You thinking?”