May Day!

Happy May Day, everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying spring! I’m never far from my mower. LOL. I blink and the grass has grown a foot.

I’m caught up in a new story and I predict things will be hit and miss here in Debland in the coming weeks. Just ask my family. They’re feeling the neglect, too. But I’m thrilled to feel connected to the creative process again and will try to share my progress as I have something to report. Still too early to talk about at the moment. Jinx. 🙂

But I can share a link to my friend Brenda Novak’s month-long AUCTION to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes Research.

OMG! What wonderful, amazing prizes she’s got up to bid on. If you’re an aspiring romance author, check out what my Superromance pals are offering. You can’t go wrong with a critique from any of these talented and generous ladies. There’s even a Skype session for your book club. Such a cool idea!

What’s better than shopping for a great cause!?!

Now, back to my new project…write on!


2 Replies to “May Day!”

  1. Glad I found this at FB I still don’t get it. Glad your feeling so creativy as it’s time to get my debfix again.

    Spring it great but I’m a little busy watching happy chubby 5 mo old grandson along with his almost 4 yr old brother, the live wire! Dh & I are tired at night LOL

    hugs to you!

    1. A five-month old!!! Oh, Barbs, how fun and exciting! But, yes, I totally understand your exhaustion. Keeping up with my girls is very challenging at times, but I’m so glad to have them close by.

      Thanks for making the effort. I’m so tired of the spam attacks this blog has attracted that I might shut it down completely. I’m looking for a new web person to help me re-vamp. I have to delete three or four spam messages a day from my older blogs. It’s the stupidist thing I’ve ever seen. What’s the point, I wonder?

      Have a wonderful Mother’s Day, my friend!

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