May…oh, my goodness

Somehow I lost a month.

Actually, I know where it went. I have the pictures to prove it. You have no idea how much I want to say I was in Italy or Spain or on a cruise. But, no, I was a helping my son and husband refurbish a sadly neglected mobile home that my daughter is moving into. Check out the before and after photos at my son’s blog:
Extreme Trailer Makeover, Wow! Almost Ready for the move in!

As the saying goes, it’s all about location, and this location is great. Within walking distance of the elementary school, and since she plans to open a Day Care later this summer, we couldn’t pass up the chance to help her make this happen. This is a most positive thing and I’m really happy to have been able to contribute–plus, it’s spring so working outside is a gift. But, boy, am I glad to get back to my real job.

Speaking of which…the first three people to respond to this blog will receive the following FREE book: MARRIED BY MISTAKE by Abby Gaines.  In the back of this lovely book, you’ll find an excerpt from my new book, PICTURE-PERFECT MOM. And in case you missed my January release, DADDY BY SURPRISE, you can pick it up on sale at eHarlequin.  Hurry, hurry. It’s 40% off!!! Click here: – For Women Who Love to Read

Also, May means my friend Brenda Novak is holding her month-long online auction to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes Research. Here’s the link to my Spotlight on Sentinel Pass gift basket and a chance to have your name in one of my books.  This is a great way to donate to a good cause AND get something cool for yourself.


7 Replies to “May…oh, my goodness”

  1. What a great mom you are helping your daughter out. I hope her day care takes off. Sounds like it’s a great location for one.

    Congratulations on your most recent release and your upcoming one as well!

  2. Hi, Emma,
    You’re the first to reply. I’m dizzy with delight because my poor blog has been strangely silent since I switched to this new format. Thank you for posting. I’d love to send you a copy of the Abby Gaines book, along with any book from my backlist. Please email me with your mailing addy.

    And thank you so much for the pat on the back. It’s been a long few weeks of very dirty work. It feels rewarding because you can see what you’ve accomplished, but it’s also exhausting and you start to feel that you’ll never be done. She slept there last night, and we hung pictures yesterday so it feels like a home now.


  3. I will be glad when Picture-Perfect Mom

    is in the store.I enjoy reading all of your books. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. Have a great weekend.Congratulations on Picture-Perfect Mom and your upcoming books.

  4. I will be glad when Picture-Perfect Mom
    is in the store.I enjoying reading all of your books.

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