My Unexpected Blog

Why “Unexpected”?

Well, check out what my Thesaurus says about the word:

amazing, astonishing, eye-opening, fortuitous, from left field, impetuous, prodigious, unpredictable, wonderful.

I get a little giddy thinking about all the possibilities: guest bloggers, Q&As with characters, super sexy, provocative photos OR pics of my dog, the rattlesnake we just killed, or anything else that might stumble into my corner of the world.

Snake, you say? 45″, 7 buttons. This big boy (or girl, I can’t tell the difference)    scared the heck out of me while I was writing this blog. (It’s a beautiful spring  day in Debland and my poor old deaf dog nearly got struck not ten feet from  where I was sitting (on my deck).

What other types of unexpected goodies can you expect?

Well, for starters: How ’bout a Blow-out Sale?!

Or, as Judy Banger would say, "A blow job sale!"

I reduced the price on ALL of my short fiction titles to: $1.99.

(Price changed at Amazon and Smashwords; other venues should be up soon.)

Bang! You’re Dead!In With a Bang! GatorA Hundred Years or More

And here’s another deal: Unsuitably Perfect by Lisa Mondello, Barbara McMahon and Karen Sandler.  Three complete, full-length romance novels from three bestselling authors for $4.99. You’ll have to do the math, but it sounds like a good deal to me. (I do words, I don’t do numbers.)

Three great authors, three terrific stories for one low price.

Read. Laugh. And if you’re eligible…Screw Senility. (I’m off to work on book III – More Bang! For Your Buck).


3 Replies to “My Unexpected Blog”

  1. Yessss, indeed, Jeannine. A second. A mate to the first, perhaps. As a romance writer, this unrequited love thing kills me…but as a pet owner and grandmother, ain’t no way I’m letting those poisonous sex fiends hang out at my house.

    What’s with your blank image, Ro? Get your awesome cover up there. Loving the book, BTW.

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