New Beginnings and Bloopers

Not every beginning begins auspiciously. Take this hilarious blooper making the YouTube rounds.

Personally, I love it that neither the bride nor groom takes themselves too seriously. Even the judge is able to adlib. To me, that speaks well for the couple’s chances in the long run because being able to think on your feet and laugh at yourself are two qualities that come in handy in marriage…and in life.

That’s especially true in a writer’s life. Take my current WIP (work-in-progress) tentitively titled RIGHT COWBOY, WRONG TWIN. I was a hundred pages into it when I got my revisions for the preceding book. As you may remember if you’ve been following this blog, that book required some very intense remodeling. The process brought to light some problems—landminds, if you will–waiting to blow up in my current book. Instead of getting too freaked out, like the bride in the video I laughed.  With not quite as much hilarity, though. This, after all, is work, not matrimony. 😉

Hope any new beginnings you undertake today are filled with creative thoughts and a waffle or two.


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