Signposts of Spring


Look upon this sumptuous feast for the eyes and help me give a nod of gratitude to Kori Smith–friend, Wine, Women and Words book club member, and mother of Allex. Last fall at Jan’s memorial, she told me she’d just finished planting seventy-two tulips in honor of Jan. All red–Jan’s favorite color.

When I heard the flowers were up and blooming, I thought, “Gulp. This will be hard.” It wasn’t. It was glorious, joyous and breathtaking. It made me happy because I know it would have made Jan very, very happy.

I have one–count it–one–tulip bravely struggling to unfurl its tiny blossom in my flower bed. Apparently, I’m not a great planter. But I choose to picture UNTIL HE MET RACHEL as my tulip. It went into production about the same time Kori was planting her bulbs and it is poised to blossom onto book shelves in just a few weeks.

LOL. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s the best I can do–this spring. Maybe next year…maybe.

If anyone would like to boast about their own green thumb, I’d happily reward that effort with a package of California wild flower seeds. May the greenest thumb win.