Social networking vs time

I didn’t have access to my computer for a couple of hours yesterday and I felt as though I was going through withdrawals. I was on edge and distracted. An underlying question running through my head was: What am I missing?

This is not good for a writer who spends most of her waking hours in other people’s worlds. My characters are the ones I should be worrying about not connecting with, not keeping up with the lives of friends, strangers and the world at large.  After my last revisions, I would hope that lesson was deeply ingrained in my psyche.

But there’s so much interesting stuff out there. Take my friend and fellow Superromance author Kathleen O’Brien’s recent blog about magical thinking and the writing process., which was conveniently posted on our Superromance FaceBook page, which also provided a link to the April releases at .

See what I mean?

But Kathleen’s blog proved invaluable because it reminded me of the joy and “magic” that is central to writing fiction. If you don’t love these imaginary people whose story you’re attempting to tell, who will? I went back to my book with a new appreciation for Cade and Jessie and a true warmness in my heart that was missing when I first sat down that morning to write.

But there’s the rub. If I hadn’t delved into the social networking world, I wouldn’t have brought a renewed zest to my writing. So, I guess this all comes down to balance.  If you find yourself spending too, too much time online, I suggest you find the nearest patch of green grass to hunt for fairies or a four-leaf clover.

That’s what I plan to do today–between my stops at FaceBook, eHarlequin and Twitter. Oh, and work on my new book, of course.

Have a lovely Tuesday.


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  1. Deb,

    I can totally relate. I was in the shower this morning and stumbled upon a fix in my manuscript that was giving me problems. I don’t know where it came from but I’m just glad it did. The process is hard to define but inspiration finds us no matter where we go. I like Facebook a lot and I definitely don’t like missing out on the Super thread at eHQ, even if I can only lurk due to time constraints. Sometimes reading about the lives of others, it can kickstart my sluggish brain.

    Great topic!


    P.S. I love the Easter pics! The girls have grown so much!

  2. A storm passed through last night and I didn’t want to get on my computer (as a kid we were told not to talk on the phone – landlines remember those? – and even not to take a bath if if was storming). Anyway to the point – I didn’t get to log on to the internet! I snuck in at work and posted on eHarl this morning.
    It’s hard to focus on the reason you’re on the computer – to write a story, but I think you have to allow a little play time. Just like if you watch what you eat sometimes you have to give in to a little craving!

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