FIRST KISS =TUESDAY from ” His Baby Agenda” by Katherine Garbera

First Kiss= TUESDAY

his baby k garbera

His Baby Agenda


Katherine Garbera


[What you need to know: Gabi is Kingsley’s son’s nanny and they have a past but neither of them want to start an affair but there both can’t stop thinking of the one night they had together years ago. KG]


Surely, one kiss wouldn’t do that much damage. One kiss.

“One kiss,” he said.


“One kiss. That’s all I’m asking for. What could it hurt? We are both wondering if our memories are right and if that fire between us was really as scorching hot as we remember.”

“Are we?” she asked, but she took her sunglasses off her head, set them on the table next to her plate and put her hands on the armrests of her chair as if she were about to stand.

“Yes. You know it and I do, too. Common sense isn’t going to withstand curiosity,” he said.

“You’re right,” she admitted, standing up and walking over to him.

He scooted his chair back and before he could stand, she sat on his lap, wrapping her arms around him and tangling her hands in the hair at the back of his neck. Last time she’d been in his arms she’d been a girl, scared and unsure. This time she was a woman and knew what she wanted.

“One kiss, Kingsley. Better make it count.”

He intended to.

Gabi knew she’d dared him to kiss her. Okay, so maybe she thought that way she’d be able to say he’d forced her into it later, though she knew that wasn’t true.

There weren’t many things she truly wanted for herself but Kingsley was one of them. There was no denying that despite the coldhearted way he’d dumped her at the police station she still wanted him. Still wanted this embrace.

She wanted to tell herself that he’d been so cruel that night because he’d been trying to protect her, but deep inside she had to admit that even if he hadn’t, he was still hot. Still the one man she looked at and felt the kind of sexual longing that made her forget common sense and reason. He made her want to act like… well, like this.

Sitting on his lap in the midafternoon California sun for the entire world to see. Except there wasn’t anyone else around. It was just the two of them.

She’d never really had Kingsley to herself during their brief courtship. He’d been big man on campus and everywhere they’d gone people knew him, had high-fived him and wanted to talk to him.

This was different.
 He was different.
 Hell, so was she. She’d been different for a long time now. But suddenly his mouth moved over hers and she forgot all of that.

Forgot to think and to worry.

Forgot to justify this because his mouth felt so good, so right as he parted his lips and his tongue slipped over her teeth.

She tightened her fingers on his shoulders. God, the man was still solid muscle.

But then his bespoke suits had already sort of hinted at that and she’d seen him in that tight T-shirt last night. He was fit. He always had been and she wanted to tear off his shirt and see the body beneath his clothes.

She shut her eyes as he put his hands on either side of her face and deepened the kiss. Everything feminine inside her clenched and then released. It felt as if her blood flow was heavier in her veins and her heart was racing. She heard the sound of her heart beating in her ears like the distant call of warning drums.

She knew she should tear her mouth from his, get up and walk away, but instead she brought her hands closer to his neck, brushed her fingers over his short beard and then ran her fingers over his jaw.

She wanted this kiss to last forever.

She needed to keep tasting him to somehow figure out if this was just another sort of dream that she was having. Like the foggy memories of their night together. This felt too good. Too intense. It couldn’t be real. No man kissed like this.

No man had this kind of power over her.

She pulled back, opened her eyes and looked up at Kingsley. His eyes were half-closed, but she saw the fabulous blue of his irises.

He was her Achilles’ heel. He was the one person who could make her behave in a way that she knew better. For some reason he’d always found his way around her will and with no great effort.

 What kind of hold did he have over her?
 And why the hell was it still there? She thought ten years would have dulled his magnetism, but that wasn’t the case. If anything he was more captivating now. His kiss was more thorough than it had been in college.

She leaned closer to him. Put her arms around his shoulders and rested her cheek on it. She didn’t want to look at him. Didn’t want to kiss him again. And there was a very real worry that she would do just that.



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katherine_garberaUSA Today bestselling author Katherine Garbera is known for her sexy heroes, feisty heroines and sensual stories.  A Florida native who grew up to travel the globe, Katherine now makes her home in the Midlands of the UK with her husband, two children and a very spoiled miniature dachshund.

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FIRST KISS =TUESDAY from ” Eye Candy” by Katherine Garbera

First Kiss= TUESDAY


 Eye Candy katherine garbera

Neighbors Hayley and Garrett have never only seen each other in passing until the night of her 30th birthday when she’s had a little too much to drink, lost her keys and Garrett catches her trying to break into her own place.  


Eye Candy


Katherine Garbera

She glanced up at him because even in the ridiculous heels he was still much taller than she was.  She saw he was watching her with that steady, even gaze he’d had on the street but also a little bit of amusement.

He thought she was frivolous.

For a moment the shy girl inside of her withered a little and wanted to retreat but she wasn’t hiding any more.  She leaned up and let her breasts brush against his chest as she wrapped one hand around his shoulder for balance before she canted her body forward.

“Is something funny, officer?” she asked in a deep husky voice, making sure her words were spoken right into his ear.

She felt him shudder and his hands came to waist and he drew her off her feet more firmly into the cradle of his body but then everything shifted and she felt them starting to fall.

He cursed and held her tight as he ensured she landed on him with her half on top of his chest and half on the floor.  Hayley started laughing as she realized that maybe jumping from mousy to sexy was too much for her to accomplish in one night.

She glanced down at Garrett to find he was scowling.

“Are you hurt?”

“Just my pride,” he said with a wry grin.

“Pride goeth before the fall?” she quipped.

“Definitely,” he said.  He grabbed her waist and pulled her more fully on top of him.  She felt his jean-clad legs part and her silk-encased ones slid between them.

There was something almost erotic about the feel of the denim against her thighs and she shivered a little inside.  She put her hands on his chest but his hand on her waist moved up her back and he pushed his fingers into her newly cut hair, his hand shaping her head and drawing her down.

“What are you doing?” she asked on a breathless sort of sigh.

“Regaining the ground I lost,” he said, moments before his lips met hers.  

Hayley closed her eyes and then the timbre of the kiss changed as he angled his head and parted her lips with his.  The warmth of his breath as it entered her mouth sent shivers of awareness down her spine.  The smooth glide of his tongue over hers short-circuited her thoughts.

She stopped breathing.

Every nerve in her body was at attention.  As his mouth moved over hers she felt the caresses of his thighs over hers.  The movement of his hands over the back of her head as he massaged the muscles in her neck and she turned to putty.

She melted against him and over him.  The kiss transformed her the same way the clothing had.  He was awakening something inside of her that she’d thought only existed in epic romance books and movies, but not in real life.  Something she’d always longed for, but thought she’d never find.  Something dangerous because though she was ready to change inside she hadn’t yet.

She pulled back and looked down at him.  His eyes were half-closed and a subtle flush had spread under his beard-stubbled cheeks.  His lips were moist and swollen from kissing her.  She lifted one hand and rubbed her finger over the stubble on his jaw enjoying the slight abrasion against her skin.

He opened his eyes and she saw how beautiful they were up close.  She would have said they were gray before but at this angle she could see they were flecked with green and blue.  She moved her hand from his jaw and traced the line of one eyebrow and then found a tiny scar at his hairline.  She rubbed her finger over it.

“Ah, bad girl, you are killing me,” he said, his voice was deep and sort of husky now.  The words brushed over her senses like a blast of heat from a fireplace on a cold night.  And this was a cold January night.

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katherine_garberaA brand new, sizzlingly hot new romance from USA Today bestselling author Katherine Garbera!.

Katherine is known for her sexy heroes, feisty heroines and sensual stories.  A Florida native who grew up to travel the globe, Katherine now makes her home in the Midlands of the UK with her husband, two children and a very spoiled miniature dachshund.

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Eye Candy is Book 1 in the Candied Apple series, from Harper Impulse, will be available on August 13! You can enjoy an excerpt or order your own copy.



FIRST KISS =TUESDAY from “One Night with the Tycoon” by Katherine Garbera

First Kiss= TUESDAY



Meet the Kellys of Whiskey River, Texas, men who have always gone through life, and women, with their father’s legendary charm.

Wyatt Kelly, CEO of Kelly Boots, is rumored to do everything with his cowboy boots on, including seducing women into memorable one-night stands. Growing up the second eldest son of a philandering charmer, Wyatt’s seen first hand how messy relationships can get when the heart’s involved, and he’s determined to leave no scars. No woman’s tempted Wyatt to break his vow until he meets Juliette Rossi.

Juliette is all about business. She’s focused on turning the lavender farm she and her cousin inherited into a successful, world-wide company. Her meticulous plans are on the right track until she accepts a dare to spend the night with Wyatt after the annual Boots & Bangles Gala. Juliette’s fantasized about Wyatt for years… One night will get him out of her system for good, right?


Can she convince Wyatt that he’s more than his Kelly heritage? Will Wyatt agree that one night just isn’t enough?


One Night with the Tycoon


Katherine Garbera


She went up on tiptoe and kissed him.  The moment their lips touched she was gone.  It was everything that brief kiss in the ballroom had promised it would be.  His lips were soft but firm, moving over hers like he owned her.

And he did.  Tonight.  In this moment she knew she was gone.  She’d left the real Juliette behind and become a different woman for this night.  One of moonlight and magic.

Wrapping both of his arms around her hips, he lifted her off the ground. She put her hands on the side of his face and kissed him, thrust her tongue deep into his mouth, and tasted passion, margaritas, and something she’d never experienced before.

She was hungry and couldn’t get enough of him.  He lifted his head, rubbing his lips over hers and then dropped little kisses along her jaw.  He set her on her feet and stepped back.

She stood there in her ball gown and fancy boots but felt naked as he watched her.  It was the first time she’d felt this kind of lust.

He held his hand out to her and she took it, following him out of the elevator and into the foyer of his penthouse apartment.


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Well, hekatherine_garberallo, short, sweet and sizzling! Just what we expect from my friend Katherine Garbera.

One Night With The Tycoon is Book 3 in the Whiskey River, TX series, written in conjunction with the amazing Eve Gaddy.

Serendipity brought these two authors together more than 15 years ago when they were assigned to room together at a writers conference in Savannah, GA.  Their friendship was cemented by arriving late to a publisher get-together and being forced to drag chairs across the lobby to join the gathering.  It was the kind of thing that has happened more than once to the two friends.

Eve is a lifelong native Texan and Katherine moved there in 2005.  Their love of the south has always been one of the many things the authors have in common.  The best-selling, award-winning authors had long wanted to collaborate on a series and so Whiskey River was born.

They have filled the town with all the things they love about Texas.  Sexy Texan tycoons and cowboys with smooth southern drawls, feisty women who go toe to toe with magnates and know how to keep those smooth talking cowboys in line. Experience the beauty of the Texas Hill Country and the sexy men who live there with them.

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First Kiss= TUESDAY

HRshoretoplease first kiss

Thanks so much, Debra, for hosting me on your blog. I’m thrilled to introduce everyone to the “stars” of Shore to Please, Book 3 in my Gulf Shore series, which was released June 22 by Liquid Silver Books. Flipper is the head dolphin trainer at Gulf Shore Aquarium, the jewel of the tourist district in the west-central Florida beach town of Gulf Shore.

Flipper sets hearts aflutter when he dons a wet suit and interacts with his finned friends at the aquarium’s Dolphin Inlet habitat. But animal rights activist Tara Langley isn’t happy that Flipper sets her pulse to pounding, too. After all, the group she cofounded, Stop Whale and Dolphin Suffering, SWADS for short, is against keeping dolphins in captivity. If she had her way, the job Flipper loves would be rendered obsolete.

Flipper and Tara together are like a butcher and a vegetarian. Staunch conservative and ultra liberal. Boston Red Sox fan and New York Yankees supporter. Or fire and gasoline.

Why, then, are they both itching to strike a match?

When Flipper and Tara met in Shore Feels Right, Gulf Shore Book 2, there were sparks, good and bad, right from the beginning. It didn’t sit well with Flipper and his coworkers, of course, when SWADS members waved protest signs across the street from the aquarium. And when anonymous threats began arriving in the mail, Tara and her group landed on the suspect list.

As the threats escalated, it’s obvious more sinister forces have targeted Gulf Shore and its staff. Flipper’s boss is quick to believe the worst of Tara, while Flipper finds himself in the uncomfortable position of having to defend her.

And then he and Tara end up attending the same seminar in Orlando. Afterwards, Flipper offers to buy her dinner and, after some hesitation, she gives in. It’s far from a romantic interlude, and they desperately search for common ground amid the quicksand.

dolphin Annette

Here’s an excerpt:

“Where’d you grow up, and how’d you end up in Orlando?” Flipper asked.

Tara flashed an enigmatic smile. “You can’t tell by my accent?”

“What accent?”


His baffled expression amused her. In fact, the man himself delighted her when they weren’t picking at each other over his job and her cause. Once again she found herself wishing they’d met under different circumstances. But he couldn’t change what he was any more than she could.

“I’ll play along, mystery lady. What do you call a soft drink?”


“Soda or soooda?”

She laughed. “Just one syllable. Now you tell me.”

“Growing up, I called everything coke.”

“Even when you were drinking root beer?”

“Yep. Everything was coke, lowercase.”

“And now?”

“After the first few times a server brought a Coke when I wanted a Dr. Pepper, I learned to specify. Okay, here’s another one. Do you refer to a small stream of water as a creek or a crick?”

“Creek, of course.”

“Me, too. What do you call your maternal grandmother?”

“Grandma. You?”

“Mimi. How do you address a group of two or more people?”

“My neighbors said you-uns, but my mother frowned on that expression.”

“Uh, okay. My people say y’all.”

“Hmm. What kind of shoes are you wearing now?”

Flipper looked at his feet and then at her. “Tennis shoes. What do you call them?”

“Sneakers. All right, one more.”

“Make it a good one.”

“Of course. What’s the term for the gunk that gathers in the corners of your eyes overnight?”

“Eye booger.”

She made a sour face. “That’s certainly crude.”

“And what do you call it, Madam Etiquette?”


“Sleep? Seriously?”

“It’s a good deal better than”—she turned up her nose—“eye booger.”

“I think that’s pretty descriptive. I mean, you say those two words and everyone knows what you’re talking about.” She shook her head, still unconvinced. “Anyway, based on everything you’ve just told me, Tara, I’d say you’re from Snob City.”

“What? I am not a snob, Paul O’Riley.”

“We’re back to Paul, are we? Okay, how about Snootyburgh?”

“Flipper.” Her tone carried a warning.


The corners of her mouth quirked. “Are you finished?”

“Almost. Haughty Valley? Pompous Place?”

“Keep it up and Comedy Central will be calling.”

“You can’t deny you sometimes sound like you have a big board wedged up your butt.”

“I most certainly do not!” He raised an eyebrow. “Okay, perhaps I do, especially when I’m feeling off-balance and lapse back into ingrained habits. My mother was an English teacher who abhorred slang and insisted on proper diction. I never even dared utter a curse word until after I went away to college.”

“That explains a lot.”

Tara flashed him a fake smile and continued. “She wanted in the worst way for me to major in English language and literature. I’ve always felt like a disappointment to her. She takes great satisfaction in comparing me to my younger sister, who buckled under to the pressure and followed in Mother’s footsteps. If you think I have a proper way of speaking, you should meet Caroline. Even I think she’s a bore. She married an equally tedious math teacher, and they have two oddly spiritless children who never have snotty noses, sticky fingers, stained clothing, or skinned knees. My mother is beside herself with pride.”

“Your household must’ve been some fun while you were growing up.”

“You have no idea.”

“What about your father?”

“He was a high school principal preoccupied with upholding an image, so he and my mother were a united front. Now, back to our original topic. It’s my turn to do you.”

He winked at her. “I thought you’d never ask.”

“I didn’t mean it that way! Stop laughing. And you wonder why I tend to avoid the vernacular.”

That made him laugh harder. She tried not to smile but couldn’t help it.

“Just for that,” she told him, “I’m going to guess you’re a native of the Isle of Fools.”


“New Port Ninny? Buffoon Beach? Cape Cretin? Ooh, ooh, I know. Simpleton.”

Flipper gave her an indulgent look.

“Or how about—”

He leaned forward and silenced her with a kiss. Tara’s mind short-circuited, and she clung to his shoulders when he started to pull away. He cupped the back of her head and teased her mouth open with his tongue. Swept up in the moment, she briefly forgot who and where they were until the server plunked two beverages in front of them. They broke apart with a start, and as reality intruded once more, she feigned interest in her place setting and the small bowl of lemons for their iced tea.

“Tara, honey, look at me,” he coaxed.

She spread her napkin over her lap instead. He reached across the table and, with gentle but firm pressure beneath her chin, lifted her head.

“Don’t be so freaked out. It was just a kiss,” he soothed.

“Oh, sure. First it was just dinner, now it’s just a kiss. What’s next?”

“Depends on what you want to happen?”

“Nothing, that’s what I want to happen. Flipper, what are we doing?”

“We’re having a nice time. Or at least we were until you started overthinking things again.”

“Overthinking? I’m not so sure my brain’s been engaged at all.” She ran a nervous hand through her hair.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“Isn’t it? There’s only one way this can end, and that’s badly. I’ve already endured one failed romance this year. I don’t think I could stand another one.”

Flipper took her busy hand and held it still. “Aren’t you getting a little ahead of yourself? You’re acting like we woke up in bed together after a night of scream-so-loud-you-piss-off-the-neighbors sex.”

The highlight reel in her mind made Tara’s girl parts leap up and shout, “Hallelujah!” Her tongue, on the other hand, seemed Super-Glued to the roof of her mouth. Staring at him was the best she could do at the moment.

“What? No snappy comeback?”

She shook her head.

“Well, that’s disappointing.”


“I wish circumstances were different and

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FIRST KISS=TUESDAY (from The Taming of the Bachelor by Jane Porter)


auth_JanePorterPlease welcome my friend and author extraordinaire, Jane Porter. You are sooo lucky today because she’s sharing a snippet from her brand new release, THE TAMING OF THE BACHELOR, a Taming of the Sheenans romance. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for Dillon’s story!!!


Dillon Sheenan refuses to be tamed…

After three years running the family ranch, sexy thirty-year-old Dillon Sheenan has a one way plane ticket out of Montana. He’s eager to put small town life, with its emphasis on brides, babies, and families, behind him as he’s certainly not interested in being a dad, or even ready to settle down.

Beautiful single mom, Paige Joffe, juggles a lot, between running Main Street Diner and coping with her money-pit of a Victorian on Bramble Lane.  She doesn’t have time for anything but taking care of the loves of her life, Addison and Tyler, and working to pay down bills. But one date–and an incredibly hot kiss–with Dillon Sheenan wakes her up and makes her dream again.

Until she finds out Dillon’s already bought his ticket out of town…

Is Dillon about to break the heart of the only woman he’s ever loved?


The Taming of the Bachelor


Jane Porter


“It’s late,” Dillon growled, rising, grabbing the dishes and picking up plates and cups and carrying them to the kitchen.

One of the forks fell midway and she picked it up and followed him into the kitchen. “Just leave the dishes in the sink,” she said, “I’ll do them tomorrow.”

He did as she directed, then turned to face her. “What about you?” he asked, arms crossing over his chest. “What do you need?”

She wrinkled her nose as she counted off a list on her fingers. “New electrical and plumping…a furnace that works. Windows that seal. Floorboards that don’t creak. Not too bad, huh?”

His chest tightened. She was making light of her problems, but it couldn’t be easy. Her life hadn’t been easy. “That’s it?” he teased gently, admiring her more than ever. “That’s all you need? Fix those little things and your life will be a dream?”

“No, but the house would be sorted.”

Her smile never wavered but he saw a glimpse of exhaustion in her eyes and it made him want to protect her. Someone should protect her. “There’s nothing you want for you? Nothing you need?”

She moved past him, squeezing in to turn the water on in the sink, covering the dishes. “I don’t know…I don’t let myself go there.”

He didn’t move, so they were both at the sink, practically standing hip to hip. “Why not?”

She grabbed a scrubbing pad and attacked the dishes. “It’s better not to question. Better to stay focused.”

His brow furrowed as he watched her scour the dishes as if they were baking pans instead of simple dessert plates. “That makes you happy?”

Her slim shoulders twisted and her blonde head dipped, making it difficult to see her face. “It keeps me…focused.”


“You know….to keep from losing…hope.” Her hands stilled, and for a moment the only sound was that of the running water, and then she drew a quick breath and turned the water off. “Or is it faith?” she added, frowning and reaching for a dishtowel to dry her hands. Her frown disappeared as she flashed a rueful smile. “To be honest, I’m not sure anymore.”

Dillon felt out of his depth here. He hadn’t grown up attending church regularly. His mom was Catholic, and she’d raised her oldest boys Catholic, but stopped going to church regularly when Dillon was in kindergarten. “Your faith was important to you?”

“It was once everything.”

“What happened to it?”

She draped the yellow striped towel on a bar, smoothing it. “Lewis died and I’ve just felt very….alone. Hard to see God in all the struggles.”

He didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t sure he was supposed to say anything.

Paige managed another small, wry smile. “So now I don’t ask for too much, or want too much. I count my blessings and stay busy, appreciating what I have, rather than thinking about what I don’t have.”

“This is why I’m such a fan,” he said quietly as he reached for her, his arm circling her, drawing her towards him. “You are strong and funny and sweet—”

“Stop there before you call me nice. Because I’m really not all that sweet, or nice.”

He smiled crookedly then carefully brushed her cheek with the back of his hand. Her skin felt so warm and soft. His fingers curled in. He stroked her cheekbone again.

Her lips parted and he felt the whoosh of air leaving her mouth as a caress against his neck, down his chest. She was so beautiful. Need throbbed in him, warring with common sense.

He should go. He needed to go. They were too alone here.

Far too much temptation.

“Should go,” he said, dropping his head, covering her lips with his.

It was a goodbye kiss. That’s really all it was. Goodbye, and closure. The end of a sentence…a chapter. He was closing this chapter, the one where Marietta was home, and Paige owned a piece of his heart. But now he was leaving—Montana, his family, the ranch, her—leaving all of it to start a new chapter.

The kiss was equal parts sweet and bittersweet, and he drew the kiss out, lingering over the sweet fullness of her lips, and the stunning heat of her mouth.

Her lips were softly parted when he lifted his head, her eyes wide, dark, bewildered.

“That was um…” She swallowed, blinked, trying to pull herself together. “Not bad.”

The corner of his mouth tugged. He brushed his knuckles across her lovely flushed cheek. He was hard and hungry but there was no way in the world he’d hurt her. Not when she’d been hurt so badly by others before him. “As long as you’re not disappointed.”

“Don’t think I’m disappointed…well, actually, I’m not sure.”


“You might need to do that one more time. Just to know for certain.”

Amused, he drew her closer, her hips against his, his arms locking in the small of her back. “Sounds as if I didn’t get the job done right.”

She tipped her head back to better see him. “No, no. I wouldn’t say that. It’s probably just me. I’m out of practice.”

There were so many secrets in her eyes, secrets and shadows that made her expression mysterious, and yet vulnerable. She was both strong and soft, tough and tender, and maybe that’s what drew him to her—the fact that she was such a contradiction. How could you not admire her?

His head dipped and he kissed her again, drowning out the voices in his head that said he shouldn’t be doing this, that he shouldn’t care. He couldn’t get involved. He wasn’t good for her. He’d never be good for her, or her kids. They needed a father. He didn’t want to be a father. So simple. All of this was so simple.

Except when his mouth was on hers and his lips were parting hers, tasting her, and nothing felt more right, or natural, than her, in his arms.


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FIRST KISS=TUESDAY (from His Blushing Bride, by Dani Collins)


Hello, wonderful Deb Salonen fans! I’m so excited to be visiting with you again!

The last time I was here, we had a great time reminiscing about our four-leaf clover searches as kids. This time I want to talk about childhood pets.

First, though, I should explain: All of my Montana Born stories can be read as stand-alones, but like all the Marietta stories, the characters overlap and are often friends and relations of previously published characters.

That’s why I’m giving away a print anthology of Montana Christmas to one lucky commenter. My hero in His Blushing Bride, Sebastian (Bastian) is the brother of Liz from Blame The Mistletoe, which is included in the Christmas anthology.

You’ll see that His Blushing Bride has a dog, Charlie. He’s a composite of all the goofy dogs I have met in my life, not a specific one that I know.

My husband and I are more cat-people and we’ve been horribly unimaginative with names: Tigger-bear, Charlotte, and Buddy. My sister had a dog named after the Maori war dance, “Haka,” which I’ve always thought was a great name for a pet.

To be entered into the draw, comment with the most colorful (or most boring) pet name you or someone you know has given an animal. Have you had a strange animal as a pet? Wanted a weird one? Please share what it was.

Wedding fever has hit the little town of Marietta…

Piper Tierney is busy wrapping up the school year and planning the music for Marietta’s Wedding Of The Century. She does not need one of her parents’ backpacking hippies under foot. Except the guy they let stay in their house is so much more than the California couch-surfer he resembles. Before she knows it, she’s making time to make time, even though he’s only in town for a couple of weeks.

Taking a break from working on his doctorate in political science, Sebastian Bloom wants to reassure himself his sister isn’t making another mistake with her upcoming wedding to a Marietta rancher. He’s definitely not looking for a bride for himself. Marriage and family are a trap. But Piper is cute, funny, and wants to move on from her ex.

They agree to a no strings affair, but will they wind up tying the knot?


“Hey.” Bastian’s running shoes appeared in front of her bare feet. He was suddenly a huge wall of masculinity, right in front of her. Her pulse tripped, then galloped when he set a gentle finger under her chin and tilted her face to look up at him. “I think you’re hot as hell.”

She desperately wanted to believe him, but, “You’re just being nice.”

He choked out a short laugh. “I’m not that nice, Piper.”

Maybe not. “No, you’re a player. Aren’t you?” She was inexperienced, not stupid.

His gaze remained steady. “I like to consider myself a connoisseur. Which is why you should trust that I know what I’m talking about.”

Her turn to laugh. “An expert, huh? And you’re…what? Willing to fix me?”

“Why would I need to? There’s nothing wrong with you,” he countered.

“Oh,” she chuckled. “So smooth.” She shook her head in amazement, dislodging his touch. “Seriously, Bastian, I’m tempted. I really am. But I need the training-wheels version of you. Not this…” She indicated all the rippling muscle under tight control that belonged in fire fighter calendars. “There are other women in this town, you know. You don’t have to settle for me.”

His head went back as if she’d taken a swipe at him.

“See, that pisses me off,” he said, tone still casual, but several degrees cooler. “I’m not trying to get laid here. I like you. You turn me on. I think I could rock your world hard enough you wouldn’t give a crap what your old boyfriend ever said and I’m damned sure you could rock mine. If you’re not into that, say so. But don’t act like you’re not good enough for me because that’s something nobody can fix except you.”

She dropped back a step.

“Really,” she breathed. “I turn you on.” Her face was going hot, probably red as the Marietta fire engine. This conversation was killing her, making her chest feel tight, but she couldn’t break away from those piercing blue-green eyes.

“Have a look, sweetheart. I’m already hard and I haven’t even kissed you yet.”


She did.

His fly was decidedly bulged.

Her insides trembled and her bones went weak.

She flashed her gaze back up to his and found his eyelids had lowered so his stare was now a sexy, intent, lazily hungry message of desire. “I really want to kiss you, Piper.”

She swallowed. Her lips began to tingle with anticipation. “Okay,” she whispered.

He didn’t laugh. He stepped closer, so tall and wide he overwhelmed, but even though she nervously brought her hands up, she just rested them lightly on the hard plane of his chest. She started when his hands found her hips, fingers splaying with confidence. She twitched again with nerves when his head dipped and tilted.

Then his mouth brushed hers and she relaxed. Receptive.

His mouth opened, and she let her lips part. A low, gruff noise sounded in his throat and he settled more firmly into the kiss. His stubble lightly stimulated as he slowly rocked her mouth open under his until they were kissing. Then kissing deeply.


Her knees felt weak and her arms went around his neck to hold on. His arms closed across her back, pulling her tight into his solid frame. His thighs were almost too hard against hers, like leaning against steel, but all that firm, warm muscle felt good, too.

They broke away to switch sides and his hand moved to palm her butt. Delicious radiations of pleasure went into her middle and spiked between her legs, making her wriggle closer and rub against him, liking that he was aroused. His other hand started to climb up her waist, over her ribcage. Her breast felt hot and heavy and tight, aching with expectation—

He took a stumbling step into her, scaring her into squeaking out a cry of alarm. He caught her close to steady her as he tried to keep his footing and bit out, “Damn it, Charlie.”

The dog circled and tried to goose the two of them with his nose, making them break away to dodge and catch their balance. Piper brushed the dog away, using the moment to try to gather her composure. Good grief. The man did rock a woman’s world.

“Worst wingman on the continent,” Bastian grumbled, giving the dog a disgruntled scowl.


Amazon: US | Canada | UK  

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Award winning author Dani Collins wrote for twenty-five years before selling to Harlequin Mills & Boon in May of 2012. Since then, she’s turned in more than a dozen titles to Harlequin Presents and HarlequinE along with another four sexy, small-town novellas to Tule’s Montana Born. She has even found homes for some of her previously rejected manuscripts, including indie-publishing her single title romantic comedy, Hustled To The Altar and signing with a small press for her medieval fantasy, The Healer.

Dani doesn’t have any hobbies. She’s too busy writing. Look for Seduced Into The Greek’s World on shelves in June and His Blushing Bride from Montana Born on all digital platforms.

Stay current with Dani’s new releases by joining her newsletter or visiting her here: | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Montana Born Brides Series

Book 1: The Fairy Tale Bride by Scarlet Wilson

Book 2: His Blushing Bride by Dani Collins

Book 3: Bride by Mistake by Nicole Helm

Book 4: Finally His Bride by Maisey Yates

Book 5: Kiss the Bride by Rachael Johns

Book 6: Two Nights with His Bride by Kat Latham

To be entered into the drawing, comment with the most colorful (or most boring) pet name you or someone you know has given an animal. Have you had a strange animal as a pet? Wanted a weird one? Please share what it was.




FIRST KISS=TUESDAY (from The Millionaire Daddy Project by Roxanne Snopek)

First Kiss= TUESDAY


The Millionaire Daddy Project

By Roxanne Snopek

Men of the Zodiac Series

 Take one wealthy, driven restaurateur, throw in a four-year old daughter he never knew he had and the uber-efficient assistant he’s never really noticed, put them on a wild, West Coast fantasy island for a month, and what do you get? Sun, surf, steam and heart-clutching new beginnings.

Roxanne headshotThat’s the basis of THE MILLIONAIRE DADDY PROJECT, my friend Roxanne Snopek’s latest sexy alpha-hero novel for Entangled Indulgence’s Men of the Zodiac series.

Roxanne says: “My hero, Dane Bergman, is a total Leo: determined, sensual, generous – and self-centered and oblivious. But don’t worry, there’s nothing like instant fatherhood to challenge a man to find his better self, especially with a suddenly-sexy but determinedly-professional executive assistant pointing out all his flaws. Dane finds love, times two, but I don’t make it easy on him!”


“You think you know what’s best for me, don’t you?” He watched with pleasure as Pam’s pupils widened, making her eyes look as dark as the sea.

She snorted. “Because I do.”

Heat scorched between them as they stood toe to toe, their arms brushing together, their eyes locked.

She didn’t seem the least bit uncomfortable that they were both half naked.

“Maybe at work,” he said. “But we’re not at work now.”

He nudged her arms with his and bucked one thigh forward until it bumped against her hip.

She shook her head, her gaze like a laser burning into him. “Not appropriate, Mr. Bergman.” But she didn’t back down, didn’t take her eyes off his. Instead, she lifted one eyebrow, the barest hint of a smile teasing her lips.

Her nearness acted like lighter fluid to a spark. How long had this been simmering? How could he have worked so closely with her for so long without noticing her in this way?

And what about her? She knew him, knew his reputation, better than most. She knew enough to insist they keep this private, secret.

Their clandestine getaway.

Her blazing blue gaze told him everything he needed to know.

“What if I don’t want to be appropriate, Ms. Atwater?”

He leaned his head down and lowered his voice. “What if I want to sling you over my shoulder and carry you out to the tide pools, where the water is warm from the sun? What if I want to strip off that top and pour handfuls of warm water over your shoulders, letting it trickle over your breasts, down your belly?”

“Definitely not appropriate.” Her voice trembled slightly but she didn’t break eye contact. A light sheen of perspiration had broken out on her forehead that was not due to the summer heat, he was certain.

“What if we both get in the water to cool off, but we find it’s a little too cold, so I lift you up against me and all of a sudden we’re not the least bit chilly anymore.”

He heard her breath catch in her throat.

“Sounds like.” She paused to swallow, but a smoky husk remained in her voice. “Like we might get sunburned in some delicate areas.”

Only the color in her cheeks betrayed what his words were doing to her composure. It was wildly arousing.

“Oh no. Those would all be under water, hidden and slippery, so all anyone could see from the surface would be us kissing. Completely innocent.”

His own voice was hoarse.

She swayed slightly, and touched his shoulder as if to steady herself. “Innocent,” she said.

He uncrossed his arms and put them around her gently. “Just like this.”

He bent down and touched his lips to hers. A quiver jolted through her and he felt the gasp against his mouth. She gripped his neck and pulled him down closer to her, her tongue meeting his, making the kiss deeper, longer, wetter and sweeter than he could have imagined between them.


Available at these retailers:

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 Woot, Roxanne! What a great, provocative, heart-thumping scene! I can’t wait to read this book. Thanks for sharing another great kiss on First Kiss=Tuesday. 


FIRST KISS=TUESDAY (from Where There’s A Will by Katherine Garbera and Eve Gaddy)

First Kiss= TUESDAY



Where There’s A Will


Katherine Garbera and Eve Gaddy

Tule Publishing Texas Born

Whiskey River

This is a FIRST KISS first: co-authors! Please welcome my friends Katherine Garbera and Eve Gaddy.

katherine_garberaeve gaddy first kissSerendipity brought the two authors together more than 15 years ago when they were assigned to room together at a writers conference in Savannah, GA.  Their friendship was cemented by arriving late to a publisher get-together and being forced to drag chairs across the lobby to join the gathering.  It was the kind of thing that has happened more than once to the two friends.

Eve is a lifelong native Texan and Katherine moved there in 2005.  Their love of the south has always been one of the many things the authors have in common.  The best-selling, award-winning authors had long wanted to collaborate on a series and so Whiskey River was born.

They have filled the town with all the things they love about Texas.  Sexy Texan tycoons and cowboys with smooth southern drawls, feisty women who go toe to toe with magnates and know how to keep those smooth talking cowboys in line. Experience the beauty of the Texas Hill Country and the sexy men who live there with them.


Are you ready for your kiss? Pucker up and read:

Intro:  Ryder and Addison have taken shelter during a tornado.  He’s her boss and she’s focused on leaving but she did sneak a kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas that they have both been pretending didn’t happen.


She lifted her hand and stroked her finger down his jaw to that tiny scar and shifted back just a little bit so she could see his face more clearly. “Why haven’t you tried to kiss me again since the Christmas party?”

She could tell she’d shocked him. His pupils dilated and his arm around her shoulder tightened and then he lowered his head and she felt the brush of his breath over her lips before he kissed her again.

She tasted just like he remembered. No, better. Sweet, like melted honey. With a spicy kick that made him want more. Ryder knew there were reasons he shouldn’t be kissing Addison. But he’d spent the last three months thinking about kissing her again. Kissing her, and more.

He pulled her closer, deepening the kiss. Running his hands up her back, feeling the softness of her body against his.

Instant heat. She felt it too. He could tell by how her body molded against his and her tongue answered his in a wicked rhythm.


Addison moaned and snuggled closer, but it wasn’t close enough. He helped her straddle him, her dress pushed up and then flowing around them. She wiggled her hips, not much, just enough to have his eyes crossing and him thinking about the only thing that would feel better—skin to skin contact.

He drew back to look at her. “Addison.”


Her lips were already swollen, her eyes dark pools of emerald. Damn, he was really going to regret this. Firmly, he moved her to sit beside him, wrapped his arm around her shoulders and gave her a hug.

“That’s why I haven’t kissed you again.”

Confused, she said, “Because it was good?”

With his free hand he traced his fingers over that beguiling, pouty mouth. Unable to resist, he kissed her again, brief and hard. “Too good. In about thirty seconds we were going to reach the point of no return. We were going to make love right here, right now.”

She thought about that a moment. “And that would be bad, why?”

“Because the first time with you should be special. I don’t want it to be in a closet in the middle of a tornado warning when you’re doing anything you can to forget the memories the tornado brings up.”

If we made love, which is by no means a given, it wouldn’t be because I was afraid of a tornado.”

He raised an eyebrow. “You can’t deny that was at least part of the reason you kissed me.” He’d bet the Kelly ranch on that.

Addison raised her chin pugnaciously. “You kissed me. I merely responded like any woman would have when—“ She broke off abruptly.

“When her boss kisses her?” he asked.

“I’m pretty sure you weren’t thinking like my boss just now. I know I wasn’t thinking about being your secretary.”

“My point, exactly. I want to do this right, Addison.”

“Do what right?”

Irked, he kissed her. When she would have spoken he kissed her again. “Honey, if you’re trying to frustrate me you’re doing a good job of it.” He continued before she could speak. “I want to get to know you and you get to know me,” he explained.

Buy it here:



THANKS for sharing, Katherine and Eve!  Congratulations on your exciting new adventure.  


FIRST KISS=TUESDAY (from Limbo by Amy Andrews)

First Kiss= TUESDAY




Amy Andrews

fn0NT7DB_200x200I’m so pleased to welcome back multi-award winning and USA Today bestselling author Amy Andrews to the FIRST KISS blog. Amy is an Aussie who has written fifty romances from novellas to category to single-title in both the traditional and digital markets for a variety of publishers. Her first love is steamy contemporary romance that makes her readers tingle, laugh and sigh. At the age of 16, she met a guy she instantly knew she was going to marry so she just smiles when people tell her insta-love books are unrealistic because she did marry that man and, twenty odd years later, they’re still living out their happily ever after.

Amy works part-time as a PICU nurse and spent six years on the national executive of Romance Writers of Australia where she organized two national conferences and undertook a two year term as president. She loves good books, fab food, great wine and frequent travel – preferably all four together. She lives on acreage on the outskirts of Brisbane with a gorgeous mountain view but secretly wishes it was the hillsides of Tuscany.

Are you ready for your kiss? Pucker up and read:

ALERT: language and mature subject matter (cold shower optional)


She turned abruptly again and looked at him in that direct, serious way of hers. ‘You got beer in this fridge?’

‘Yep.’ Christ. She was making him monosyllabic.

She grinned, turned, opened the fridge, leaned over — seriously, that ass — and pulled out two beers.

Dash moved closer, keeping the desk between them as she passed him one, and he took it, thankful to have something to do with his hands other than putting them all over her. ‘What time is your flight leaving?’

‘Five a.m.’

‘Oh…’ Seven long hours. ‘So…’

She nodded as she cracked the lid then took her first swallow. ‘I have all night.’ She walked around the desk towards him and Dash, not for the first time, wished his office was bigger. She stopped right in front of him, only millimetres separating them and looked up at him. Considering he was six three and she couldn’t be more than five four, she had to tip her head back quite a ways.

‘Whatever shall we do?’ she asked.

Dash had two options. Play it coy and extricate himself, or tackle the elephant in the room.

Or the pixie, as the case may be.

‘Don’t you think I’m a little too old for you?’

She shrugged. ‘Too old to marry, sure. To fuck? Not necessarily.’

Dash swallowed as her deliberate profanity went straight to his dick. ‘Are you always this direct?’

A small smile played on her otherwise serious mouth. ‘Am I shocking you?’

‘The last time I saw you, you were a kid with your head buried in Edgar Allen Poe.’

She placed a hand on his chest and he felt it all the way to his groin. ‘I’m twenty-three. Welcome to the future.’

Twenty-three. Christ! ‘I’m thirty-five years old, Joy. Maybe you should be playing with boys your own age?’

‘I don’t like to limit myself.’

Her hand dropped to the button of his jeans and he quickly grabbed it before it went any lower. ‘I thought I wasn’t your type.’

She shrugged. ‘What can I say? I’m fickle.’

‘I thought you said you weren’t fucking me tonight?’

‘Hence the aforementioned fickleness.’

Dash was trying damn hard to be a gentleman here. She was Pete’s little sister for crying out loud. ‘I don’t think Pete would approve,’ he said, clutching at mental straws now. ‘There is a guy code, you know.’

‘And when was the last time you saw Pete? Fifteen years ago?’

Yeh. He sucked at keeping in touch.

‘I think,’ she said, raising herself up on her tippy toes and tilting her head until their mouths were almost touching, their drinks trapped between their combined bodies, ‘there’s a statute of limitations for guy code stuff and you are well and truly absolved from your responsibilities. It’s just sex, Dash. Recreational sex. I’m getting a plane to the other side of the planet in seven hours. I’m not interested in anything past tonight.’

And she planted a beer-infused kiss on his mouth that was like rocket fuel to his groin.

Screw it. He removed the beers, plonked them on the desk beside him then reached for the cheeks of her ass and hauled her up his body, slamming his mouth into hers, welcoming the feel of her legs as they locked around his waist.

Her tongue pushed into his mouth as he took three paces, pushing her against the wall near the door, groping for the light switch, plunging them into darkness.

Here’s a link that will take you to:



THANKS for sharing, Amy!  Please come again. 




Please welcome my old friend and Tule author, Kathleen O’Brien to First Kiss=Tuesday. I’ve loved Kathleen’s writing since our Superromance days and can’t wait to introduce you to her new Princess story.

Today, you’ll read a darling snippet from :


Prince Ronan Vicenza has hired Brenna Tinley to deal with a public relations snafu in the royal family. Only the two of them know that nine years ago he posed as a commoner and became her summer lover. He broke her heart when he left without a word, and he hopes offering this high-profile job will help make amends. But will it? He still wants her, and if he isn’t careful he might just break her heart all over again.




by Kathleen O’Brien

He couldn’t believe he was saying this crap out loud to anyone, even Brenna.

He had no intention of sharing the rest of the crazy story.  They’d send the men in the white coats if they knew he went to the cemetery every year hoping that someday he would walk away a free man.  Either his father’s spirit would send a message, releasing him from his promises, or he’d finally stand up to the old tyrant and explain that he didn’t need a ghost’s permission to be happy.  He was setting himself free.

“Anyhow,” he said.  “It never happens, of course.  I end up annoyed at myself for being so daft and wishing I’d gone fishing instead.”

She nodded—not agreeing, exactly, but just acknowledging.  She probably didn’t understand, but she was one of those rare people who didn’t use her own experience as the yardstick by which she measured everybody’s truth.

She was willing to accept that this was Ronan’s reality, and that was enough to make it legitimate.  He’d always loved that about her…

“You’re a very kind person, Brenna Tinley,” he said, out of nowhere.

She flushed, but he meant it, with his entire being.  What a gift she was…had always been.

Truth was, he had never deserved her.  Prince or no prince, he’d always been unworthy to kiss the ground this woman walked on, much less those generous, tender, loving lips.

And yet…

He didn’t think it through.  He didn’t ask permission.  Letting go of Pepper’s reins, he took three steps forward.  He gathered Brenna into his arms, bent his head, and kissed her.

Heaven help him…this might be wrong, but nothing in the past nine years had ever felt so right.  She belonged here.  His arms knew her, his mouth knew her, even his hungry heart knew her.

He knew he must never do this again, so he made it last.  Slowly, he dragged his mouth across hers, his heart pounding as he discovered she tasted just the same as she always had.  Wild violets and climbing roses bloomed in his veins, and he went deeper, parting her lips and driving into the sweet, wet shadows.

He could have stayed like that forever, with her fragile, intoxicating body warm against him, and her swollen lips trembling under his.

It was heaven, but he was greedy, and even heaven suddenly wasn’t enough.  He wanted to press her down against the cool grass right here, right now, and make love to her under the moonlight.  The way he used to do.

He would give every inch of his sorry soul to see her like that again, naked and unashamed, washed in ivory light.




Happy reading, my friends!