With a nod to David Bowie, I’m humming this song while I write my first blog in nearly a year. I stopped blogging because of an inundation of spam that seemed to follow each new post. Hopefully, David Newberry, my ┬átechno-geek (I use that term with the utmost respect), has fixed this problem while he tweaked my website.

What do you think of the new color scheme?

As much as I liked the old header, its placid, romantic feel just didn’t seem to fit with what I’m now writing and publishing.

So, out with the old and in with the new…courtesy of the incomparable Kim Van Meter (who also does my covers).

My release date for my second Screw Senility novella, IN WITH A BANG!, was Monday, March 4. Sadly, life intruded in a not-so-pleasant way and I missed my deadline. My editor and publisher and I had words (don’t ask), but what can you do when a beloved canine member of your family dies unexpectedly? You put books and deadlines aside while you comfort your daughter and bury her dog.

My sweet granddog, Tuesday. She will be missed.

So, please look for my new book to…be…released…soon. I promise. Here’s the super fun cover. Thank you, Kim!

The sooner I get the manuscript uploaded, the sooner the book will be out, so…’til later, my friends.