FIRST KISS=TUESDAY (from The Billionaire’s Charade by Eve Gaddy)

First Kiss= TUESDAY

Eve Gaddy Charade Cover

Summer St. Croix hates weddings. But when she meets hot-as-sin Luke Vanetti at her oldest friend’s ceremony, he promises to give her a reason to like them.

It’s all sexy fun and games until Summer realizes that Luke is none other than her new boss. Summer refuses to continue to have a fling with her superior, even though the passion between them still runs wildfire hot. But the billionaire private investigator doesn’t see the problem, especially since he knows that one night with Summer won’t be enough.

When Luke’s cousin sends an SOS asking for help in stopping a ring of jewel thieves from robbing his luxury hotel on the Amalfi Coast, Luke agrees. And Summer’s first assignment will be posing as his very sexy, rich, and bejeweled fiancée  at the Hotel dei Fiori Isola del Sole.

Playing the happy couple is hard enough during the day, but the nights… will those romantic Amalfi nights turn the charade into more than just a job for both Summer and Luke… for good?

They found a booth in a corner of the bar. “Would you like another glass of champagne or do you want something else?” Luke asked.

“It seems a shame to pay for drinks when there’s free champagne and beer at the wedding.”

“But then we’d have to go back. I like it here.”

“I do, too,” Summer said, looking around. The bar, like the rest of the hotel, was elegant, tastefully decorated, and it whispered “money” in dulcet tones. “I’d like a mojito.”

Luke signaled the waitress who came over instantly. After he ordered two mojitos, he said, “Are you staying at the hotel or are you local?”

“Staying. I’m from Dallas. What about you?”

“Staying, and I live in Dallas, too.”

While a coincidence, it wasn’t much of one. Summer imagined a good third of the guests lived in the DFW metroplex.

They talked some more and the waitress brought their drinks. “To your eyes,” Luke said and touched his glass to hers.

“If you say I have eyes the color of jade or emeralds, I’m outta here.”

He studied her, then tipped her chin up with a finger and looked into her eyes. Summer stared back, words deserting her as she fell into the depths of his gaze.

“No, your eyes are an unusual shade. If I were to describe them, I’d say they look like malachite.” He dropped his hand and added with a wicked grin, “With some jade and emerald swirling around.”

“You’re very smooth, aren’t you?” And he was revving up her heartbeat with a look and a touch.

She took a sip of her drink to steady herself. It didn’t help.

“I try,” he said modestly. “How am I doing?”

“You’re good and you know it. Okay, what color is my hair?” She was curious how he’d describe it. Lots of men had tried, so she’d heard a gazillion variations of redhead and red.

Luke picked up a strand of hair and rubbed it between his fingers. “A thousand shades of wildfire.”

Summer’s breath caught in her throat. They were playing a game, but my, oh my, he was good with words. She wondered what else he was good at.

“My turn,” she said.

“You want to describe my eyes and hair?”

“No, although I’d describe your eyes as espresso.”

“I like that.”

“But what I really want,” she said, moving closer, “is to touch your hair.”

He looked surprised, then gave a deep, hearty laugh. He tilted his head toward her. “Feel free.”

“Not like that.” She slid her hands over his very broad, very firm shoulders to loop behind his neck. “Like this.” Summer threaded her hands through his hair. It was as soft and silky as it looked. Their faces were close together, so close she could kiss him if she wanted. And she wanted.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been seduced by a woman playing with my hair before. Although, I can’t say I haven’t tried it the other way around.” He wrapped one arm around her pulling her closer and put his other hand on the back of her head, his fingers gently sliding through her hair.

“Is that what I’m doing? Seducing you?” she murmured.

“Like a siren.”

And then he kissed her.


She tasted hot, sexy, spicy, and somehow, mysterious. Luke moved his lips over hers softly, slowly, teasing them open and flicking his tongue into her mouth. He wrapped his hand in her hair, which really was a thousand shades of wildfire, and as soft, silky and seductive as the rest of her.

Her tongue met his, then retreated. She did it again, retreating but asking him to join. He slid his tongue inside and knew without a doubt that this was the sexiest first meeting he’d ever had with a woman. Luke couldn’t remember a kiss quite like this. Her hands were in his hair, her fingers playing with it, her body and his getting closer by the moment.

“Luke!” an outraged feminine voice said. “Oh, for God’s sake, Luke, come up for air,” she insisted.

    Damn, he knew that voice. What was his sister doing tracking him down? 



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eve gaddy first kissEve Gaddy is the award winning, nationally bestselling author of twenty-three novels and counting.  Her books have won and been nominated for many awards, including winning the 2008 Romantic Times Career Achievement award for Series Storyteller of the year, and being nominated for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Innovative Series romance.

Eve loves her family, spring and fall in east Texas, the Colorado mountains, dogs, chocolate, books, and electronics. She enjoys cooking except when she is in the throes of creating, and has been known to tell her husband that is what peanut butter and jelly was created for.

Eve also loves a happy ending. That’s why she writes romance.

Catch up with Eve on her newly updated website or visit her on Facebook:

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You can also email her at 

Happy reading…and XOXO,


FIRST KISS=TUESDAY (from One Night With The Cowboy by Eve Gaddy)

First Kiss= TUESDAY

Eve cover cowboy

eve gaddy first kissPlease enjoy an excerpt from author EVE GADDY’s extraordinary ” One Night With The Cowboy”.

Meet the Kellys of Whiskey River, Texas, men who have always gone through life, and women, with their father’s legendary charm.

Trey Kelly has it all. Eldest son of Boots Kelly, Trey runs the Kelly ranch, and Trey’s heart is with his “babies”, Kelly’s Champs, the World Champion cutting horses he breeds and sells. Women love Trey and he loves women, but he’s never met the one he wanted for keeps. Until . . .

Reclusive Ariana Wright’s lavender farm sits next door to the Kelly spread. Ariana is a smart, ambitious chemist and after the car accident that left her scarred, the success of her new line of lavender-based beauty products is all Ariana is interested in.

Convincing Ariana to take a chance on love is a task that takes all Trey’s cowboy determination. But can Ariana let go of the wounds of the past and give herself more than one night with the cowboy?



First Kiss:

After dinner, which was delicious, Ariana brought out a crème brûlée and set about trying to caramelize the sugar. Trying being the operative word. Fascinated, Trey watched as she concentrated fiercely on lighting the torch and then running it over the top of the dessert. He restrained himself from offering to help, since he didn’t think she’d appreciate the implication, however true it was, that she didn’t know what she was doing.

Ariana finished, offering him the second dish since the first looked a bit like a funeral pyre. She sat, looking very pleased with herself. Until she tasted her own dessert. Frowning, she pushed it away, waiting expectantly for Trey to taste his own.

He took a bite. “It’s good,” he told her, a little surprised considering she’d taken one bite of her own and abandoned it.

“Are you sure? You’re not just being polite?”

“No. Here, taste for yourself.” He put a bite on his spoon and offered it to her. Gingerly, she tasted it.

“Oh, thank God,” she said, heaving a sigh of relief. “I was afraid yours would be bad too.”

“No, mine’s good. I’ll share.”

She argued with him, finally giving in and helping him finish it. He enjoyed watching her eat the dessert. Dainty but you could tell she liked it. “So, are you going to show me your lab?”

“You really want to see it?”

“Sure.” What he really wanted to do was kiss her. He’d been wanting to all night, but he honestly couldn’t tell if she wanted the same thing. Which was a novelty to him. Most of his dates were very clear about what they wanted. Which had always been fine with him. In the past.

“Can I ask you something?” she said, stopping in the kitchen on her way out the back door.

“Okay. What?”

“Did you ask me to dinner because you wanted to convince me to let you buy the Parker place?”

“Why would you think that?” Was she that insecure? He wouldn’t have thought so.

“It’s a reasonable assumption. You’ve never asked me out before.”

“I’ve never asked you out because until the other day I hadn’t set eyes on you since we were both kids.” She simply shrugged, so he continued. “Do you want to know the real reason I asked you out?”

“Yes.” She put up her chin as if bracing for the worst.

He grinned, cupped her chin in his hand and kissed her.

Shock held her still at first. His lips moved over hers, firmly but gently. He didn’t force her mouth open, but teased it, his tongue slipping inside and touching hers, playing with it, inviting. His hand dropped from her chin and his arms came around her, drawing her closer, deepening the kiss.

Oh, wow. Ariana hadn’t kissed anyone in quite a while, but Trey Kelly was just the man to break that dry spell. She put her arms around his neck and gave in, returning the kiss with her tongue dancing the same tune as his.

She tried to think but it was impossible. Somehow kissing Trey was short-circuiting her brain. Just as she was about to melt into a puddle of lust, a noise penetrated the sensual spell.

Barking. Of course. Barking.

Reluctantly, Ariana pulled back. “Um, dogs.” Mesmerized by gorgeous blue eyes, she stared at him, unable to make herself form the words. Finally she spit out, “I have to let the dogs out.”


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Oh. Sweet and yummy–just like my hubby’s favorite dessert! Can’t wait to read the rest of the book, Eve! Don’t forget the connected books in this great series: Where There’s A Will and One Night With the Tycoon



FIRST KISS =TUESDAY from “One Night with the Tycoon” by Katherine Garbera

First Kiss= TUESDAY



Meet the Kellys of Whiskey River, Texas, men who have always gone through life, and women, with their father’s legendary charm.

Wyatt Kelly, CEO of Kelly Boots, is rumored to do everything with his cowboy boots on, including seducing women into memorable one-night stands. Growing up the second eldest son of a philandering charmer, Wyatt’s seen first hand how messy relationships can get when the heart’s involved, and he’s determined to leave no scars. No woman’s tempted Wyatt to break his vow until he meets Juliette Rossi.

Juliette is all about business. She’s focused on turning the lavender farm she and her cousin inherited into a successful, world-wide company. Her meticulous plans are on the right track until she accepts a dare to spend the night with Wyatt after the annual Boots & Bangles Gala. Juliette’s fantasized about Wyatt for years… One night will get him out of her system for good, right?


Can she convince Wyatt that he’s more than his Kelly heritage? Will Wyatt agree that one night just isn’t enough?


One Night with the Tycoon


Katherine Garbera


She went up on tiptoe and kissed him.  The moment their lips touched she was gone.  It was everything that brief kiss in the ballroom had promised it would be.  His lips were soft but firm, moving over hers like he owned her.

And he did.  Tonight.  In this moment she knew she was gone.  She’d left the real Juliette behind and become a different woman for this night.  One of moonlight and magic.

Wrapping both of his arms around her hips, he lifted her off the ground. She put her hands on the side of his face and kissed him, thrust her tongue deep into his mouth, and tasted passion, margaritas, and something she’d never experienced before.

She was hungry and couldn’t get enough of him.  He lifted his head, rubbing his lips over hers and then dropped little kisses along her jaw.  He set her on her feet and stepped back.

She stood there in her ball gown and fancy boots but felt naked as he watched her.  It was the first time she’d felt this kind of lust.

He held his hand out to her and she took it, following him out of the elevator and into the foyer of his penthouse apartment.


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Well, hekatherine_garberallo, short, sweet and sizzling! Just what we expect from my friend Katherine Garbera.

One Night With The Tycoon is Book 3 in the Whiskey River, TX series, written in conjunction with the amazing Eve Gaddy.

Serendipity brought these two authors together more than 15 years ago when they were assigned to room together at a writers conference in Savannah, GA.  Their friendship was cemented by arriving late to a publisher get-together and being forced to drag chairs across the lobby to join the gathering.  It was the kind of thing that has happened more than once to the two friends.

Eve is a lifelong native Texan and Katherine moved there in 2005.  Their love of the south has always been one of the many things the authors have in common.  The best-selling, award-winning authors had long wanted to collaborate on a series and so Whiskey River was born.

They have filled the town with all the things they love about Texas.  Sexy Texan tycoons and cowboys with smooth southern drawls, feisty women who go toe to toe with magnates and know how to keep those smooth talking cowboys in line. Experience the beauty of the Texas Hill Country and the sexy men who live there with them.

Happy reading!


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FIRST KISS=TUESDAY (from Where There’s A Will by Katherine Garbera and Eve Gaddy)

First Kiss= TUESDAY



Where There’s A Will


Katherine Garbera and Eve Gaddy

Tule Publishing Texas Born

Whiskey River

This is a FIRST KISS first: co-authors! Please welcome my friends Katherine Garbera and Eve Gaddy.

katherine_garberaeve gaddy first kissSerendipity brought the two authors together more than 15 years ago when they were assigned to room together at a writers conference in Savannah, GA.  Their friendship was cemented by arriving late to a publisher get-together and being forced to drag chairs across the lobby to join the gathering.  It was the kind of thing that has happened more than once to the two friends.

Eve is a lifelong native Texan and Katherine moved there in 2005.  Their love of the south has always been one of the many things the authors have in common.  The best-selling, award-winning authors had long wanted to collaborate on a series and so Whiskey River was born.

They have filled the town with all the things they love about Texas.  Sexy Texan tycoons and cowboys with smooth southern drawls, feisty women who go toe to toe with magnates and know how to keep those smooth talking cowboys in line. Experience the beauty of the Texas Hill Country and the sexy men who live there with them.


Are you ready for your kiss? Pucker up and read:

Intro:  Ryder and Addison have taken shelter during a tornado.  He’s her boss and she’s focused on leaving but she did sneak a kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas that they have both been pretending didn’t happen.


She lifted her hand and stroked her finger down his jaw to that tiny scar and shifted back just a little bit so she could see his face more clearly. “Why haven’t you tried to kiss me again since the Christmas party?”

She could tell she’d shocked him. His pupils dilated and his arm around her shoulder tightened and then he lowered his head and she felt the brush of his breath over her lips before he kissed her again.

She tasted just like he remembered. No, better. Sweet, like melted honey. With a spicy kick that made him want more. Ryder knew there were reasons he shouldn’t be kissing Addison. But he’d spent the last three months thinking about kissing her again. Kissing her, and more.

He pulled her closer, deepening the kiss. Running his hands up her back, feeling the softness of her body against his.

Instant heat. She felt it too. He could tell by how her body molded against his and her tongue answered his in a wicked rhythm.


Addison moaned and snuggled closer, but it wasn’t close enough. He helped her straddle him, her dress pushed up and then flowing around them. She wiggled her hips, not much, just enough to have his eyes crossing and him thinking about the only thing that would feel better—skin to skin contact.

He drew back to look at her. “Addison.”


Her lips were already swollen, her eyes dark pools of emerald. Damn, he was really going to regret this. Firmly, he moved her to sit beside him, wrapped his arm around her shoulders and gave her a hug.

“That’s why I haven’t kissed you again.”

Confused, she said, “Because it was good?”

With his free hand he traced his fingers over that beguiling, pouty mouth. Unable to resist, he kissed her again, brief and hard. “Too good. In about thirty seconds we were going to reach the point of no return. We were going to make love right here, right now.”

She thought about that a moment. “And that would be bad, why?”

“Because the first time with you should be special. I don’t want it to be in a closet in the middle of a tornado warning when you’re doing anything you can to forget the memories the tornado brings up.”

If we made love, which is by no means a given, it wouldn’t be because I was afraid of a tornado.”

He raised an eyebrow. “You can’t deny that was at least part of the reason you kissed me.” He’d bet the Kelly ranch on that.

Addison raised her chin pugnaciously. “You kissed me. I merely responded like any woman would have when—“ She broke off abruptly.

“When her boss kisses her?” he asked.

“I’m pretty sure you weren’t thinking like my boss just now. I know I wasn’t thinking about being your secretary.”

“My point, exactly. I want to do this right, Addison.”

“Do what right?”

Irked, he kissed her. When she would have spoken he kissed her again. “Honey, if you’re trying to frustrate me you’re doing a good job of it.” He continued before she could speak. “I want to get to know you and you get to know me,” he explained.

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THANKS for sharing, Katherine and Eve!  Congratulations on your exciting new adventure.  



kissing image

Please enjoy an excerpt from author EVE GADDY’s extraordinary “book-of-the-heart”: CRY LOVE.

An undying love. An enduring threat.

When Claire Westbrook and Jonas Clark meet, the attraction is instantaneous. And dangerous. Neither plans a workplace romance. Jonas is a top notch neurosurgeon, single with no plans to change. Claire is a trauma surgeon with a failing marriage. The last thing either one wants is to become embroiled in what promises to be a very complicated relationship.

From their first accidental meeting, Claire and Jonas feel a strange connection. A connection each tries to deny, but one that only grows stronger each time they are together. Claire and Jonas are both professionals who have seen too much gritty reality to believe in the unbelievable. Until the unbelievable becomes very real.

The evil that continues to stalk them is very much in the present. Can their timeless love survive and triumph?

 CL small

“Jonas?” Claire said. “Here’s my car.”

Which he’d have seen if he’d been paying attention. “Sorry. Wasn’t thinking.” About her car, at any rate. He let go of her hand so she could find her keys.

He waited while she clicked her key fob to unlock her car door. “Will I see you at work tomorrow?” she asked.

“No, I have the day off,” he said.

She smiled at him, standing with her hand on the open door. “Well, thanks. And thanks for the advice. It sounds simple. Somehow, though, it isn’t that easy.”

“I never said it was easy.” And neither were the two of them. No, nothing easy about this relationship.

The night was cool, a little bit of fall finally in the air. The parking garage was deserted, quiet, the sounds from the street and the clubs muted. As if there were only the two of them and not another soul existed. To hell with it. He put his hands on her waist and drew her closer.

She didn’t resist but let go of the door, put her own hands on his shoulders and gazed up at him with those beautiful, unusual eyes.

“This is a mistake,” she said.


“I don’t care if it is. Do you?”

He smiled and bent his head to hers. Laid his lips on hers and kissed her. Slowly, a sip, a nibble. Traced his tongue over her lips and slipped it inside her mouth as they parted. God, she tasted sweet. Hot. Spicy. Her arms crept up around his neck and tightened. He deepened the kiss, pulling her closer until they were touching from lips to thighs. Her body was soft, giving. He wanted to sink into it, into her. Their tongues touched, retreated, stroked each other.

He wanted to boost her onto the hood of her car and strip off her panties. Wanted to push her to the edge and watch her come apart in his arms. Wanted to lose himself in her, feel her heat, feel her softness.

Jesus. From a kiss?

He released her and stepped back. Claire looked dazed. It soothed him a bit that at least she hadn’t been unaffected. But he couldn’t remember the last time he’d shot into overload so quickly. Maybe as a teenager. But this was different. Claire was different.

Maybe he should rethink his position on revenge sex.

They stared at each other. Claire got in her car and drove off without another word.

He walked to his car, aware of a nagging question in his mind. Why had kissing Claire, a woman he knew damn well he’d never met until a few weeks ago, been so eerily familiar?



Eve has generously offered to give one FREE e-copy of this amazing book to someone who answers this question: Do you remember your first kiss?

Happy reading…and XOXO,


Meet the Characters Blog Tag: RYKER BENSEN from NOBODY’S DARLING

I was invited by my pal and fellow Tule Publishing author, Eve Gaddy, to participate in a blog tag.

What’s a blog tag?

Good question. I had no idea.

Here’s what Eve said, “I blog on Nov. 6. I’ll take 4 other authors and include their bios and latest releases, then on Nov. 13,  you post your blog.” (Here’s Eve’s blog: Meet Della Rose.)

Well, that sounds simple enough. And interesting! So, here’s my Meet The Character blog:

Let me introduce you to Ryker Bensen, hero in my newly completed Big Sky Mavericks novel.

1.) What is the name of your character? RYKER BENSEN

My working image for Ryker. Appropriately scruffy, I think.
My working image for Ryker. Appropriately scruffy, I think.


2.) Is he/she fictional or a historic person? FICTIONAL


3.) When and where is the story set? Marietta, Montana, autumn

One of author Megan Crane's fabulous shots.
One of author Megan Crane’s fabulous shots.

4.) What should we know about him/her? He’s 29 years, 11 months, and fifteen days old when we meet him. This is important because he’s a “Trust Fund Baby.” He was born with a slightly tarnished silver spoon in his mouth. Tarnished because his father’s old money got tied up in a trust after he passed away when Ryker was a senior in high school. Ryker and his older brother, Flynn, adored their father and had mixed feeling about their cold, self-absorbed mother. When Mom remarried shortly after Dad’s death, Ryker was angry, hurt and confused. The rules his new stepfather installed across the board seemed punitive and demeaning to his father’s memory. Ryker rebelled. But he was smart enough and gifted enough–he’s a Pulitzer prize-winning photographer–to graduate early and strike out on his own. He never looked back…until tragedy derailed his merrily-along plans, and he winds up in a tent on the land he and his brother will claim ownership of when he turns thirty. Maybe. Unless Mia Zabrinski can prove she’s the rightful owner.

5.) What is the main conflict? Ryker has lost his way. Watching the person you love die in your arms can screw with your head. Some of the things you thought were important don’t seem to matter any more. He was smart enough to know he needed time away from the mainstream world to figure out a few things–like why did the people he loved most leave him? The respite has helped and he’s finally ready to rejoin the world–the photographs he took of a recent Montana cattle drive are just waiting for Ryker to send to his agent. But his plans hit the fan when Mia Zabrinski, a spit-fire who is soooo done with men taking things from her–shows up and demands he get off her land. Mia is in the process of reclaiming her life. The last thing she needs is a drop dead gorgeous younger man messing her “mones” — hormones, pheramones, moans mones. A relationship? No. So not happening. Until it does.

What messes up his/her life? His stepfather has finally gone beyond the pale. He’s depleted Ryker’s trust and sold the land to Mia and her ex-husband, illegally. Ryker has to fight for his life–the one he never truly appreciated. This means confronting his mother and the past. The problem with dueling with ghosts is they’re mirror images of the people you thought you knew and loved. And looking at the past through a new lens can change everything.

6.) What is the personal goal of the character? Ryker needs a reason–a purpose–to rejoin society. Mia’s challenge to his ownership of the only spot on earth he can connect to his father pulls into action, but it’s Mia herself who is the real challenge. One Ryker can’t resist.

Ryker quote Nobodys Darling

7.) Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?

NOBODY’S DARLING – Her land. His tent. And this is Montana, where property disputes can lead to a range war…or hot sex.

Here’s my rough blurb:

Mia Zabrinski’s lost enough–

Her marriage. Her job. Her health. Mia beat cancer and is ready to rebuild her life in her hometown to Marietta, Montana. Literally. As in, she plans to build a house on the ten-acre parcel she was awarded in her divorce settlement. And she’s damned if she’ll let some stranger who has been camping on her land claim squatter’s rights. So, maybe, he’s not a squatter. The high-end bike and camera hint at more. Plus, he’s hot, gorgeous and smart, but that doesn’t make him less of a threat–especially when he has the audacity to claim the land is his. Look out, darlin’, Nitro is back and prepared to prove what the other Big Sky Mavericks always knew: small packages can pack a big punch.

Ryker Bensen doesn’t have much–

And that suits him fine. Less than a year ago, he had everything: a beautiful girlfriend, a baby on the way, a career that earned him fame and a very comfortable living…until he didn’t. Grief sent him to ground, and his favorite ground growing up was a ten-acre patch along side the Marietta River where his father brought Ryker and his brother every summer. Land held in a trust for the Bensen brothers until Ryker’s thirtieth birthday, which is still a few weeks away. When a beautiful spitfire named Mia Zabrinski shows up and orders him off her land, Ryker realizes she might be the spark he needed to jumpstart his interest in living again.

8.) When can we expect the book to be published or when was it published?

NOBODY’S DARLING will be released on January 9, 2015.