Finally, Friday! Weekend, here I come!


My first week after vacation was interesting.

The usual catch-with life stuff made more complicated by a stomach bug. I’d be tempted to blame Montezuma’s revenge, but the babies had it, too. (Heard it’s a popular bug at school right now. Sigh.)

I’m finally feeling human today, so I went out to play before a big storm brings us more rain! Unusual for March, but we will take every inch of rain and snow (in the mountains) we can get.

Grrr. I still can’t upload photos. This is getting old, WordPress!

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!




Seasons change

I woke up last night around two a.m. to the sound of rain. Rain!!! That lovely old friend who goes on vacation all summer and doesn’t even write.

Like most friends, rain isn’t perfect. I have puppy prints all over my kitchen floor this morning. (Jessie is under the mistaken belief she’s an indoor dog! LOL.) And even though I had some warning of rain’s imminent return, the weatherman was vague about the exact time or how much moisture would be coming along. So, yes, the upstairs carpet is damp in a couple of spots from windows that got left open. And there was a mad dash at dawn to shut off the automatic sprinklers and gather up the outdoor furniture cushions. Rain, I forgot what having you around involved.

But, no matter the small inconveniences, rain is always a welcome guest. The air smells fresher and more exhilerating when rain is around. The trees are happier without that thick coat of dust their leaves had accumulated. My grass is snickering. (Okay, I made that up, but it’s a fun image, isn’t it?)

The only downside of rain’s arrival is my wardrobe malfunction. My seasonally appropriate clothing is still packed away and–believe me–shorts are not working at the moment. Brrrr…. I should send my summer clothes back to my home state of South Dakota, which according to the news is getting the heat that rain pushed east when she arrived. Enjoy, my friends. We all know what season comes next… 😉

Jessie is intrigued by the water falling from the sky, baffled by the sounds of geese honking as they fly low above her and not the least bit bothered by wet fur. The young are so adaptable, right?

Jessie's ears are cocked as she hears the geese honking. We're taking bets on whether or not she'll ever grow into those ears.

Speaking of young, my daughter-in-law, Ruth, celebrated a birthday yesterday. Here she is blowing out a few candles–small cake makes it look like a bonfire, I know, but her daughters were going for the infero effect. Although it’s hard to see given the lighting, she’s wearing a gorgeous black wool felted hat that I bought for her at the Kid’s First Fundraiser this spring. The hat band has black onyx beads sewn in it. Just stunning–as is Ruth.

I’m going to hunker down and write all day…to the music of my wayward friend…rain.

Have a good one, whatever season you might be enjoying at the moment,