FIRST KISS=TUESDAY (from His Kiss by Jolyse Barnett)

First Kiss= TUESDAY

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After attending her grandparents’ fiftieth anniversary celebration, suburbanite and retail entrepreneur Elizabeth Desmond seeks the solitude of her resort’s moonlit beach, staring at the stars and reflecting on her single status while she enjoys a glass of wine. She has come to the decision she must balance her life—starting now—and reach outside her posh, stifling circle for romance and adventure when a handsome stranger appears. He asks to sit in the nearby beach chair and soon they strike up a conversation, ditching the usual small-talk. Next thing she knows, he’s inviting her to act on the sparks flying between them…

He drank her in with soulful, blue eyes and leaned forward. “I’d ask you the name of your business but I don’t shop online or surf the internet much, takes away too much energy from my creativity.” His gaze fell to her mouth. “Although…I’d love to sap some of my energy with you.”

His invitation hung between them as she took a final, languid sip of her wine. His voice was sexy, deep and throaty with that upstate drawl so familiar to her from a lifetime of summers spent in the Adirondacks. He wore a white dress shirt under that black jacket and tie. Brooks Brothers? No. That wasn’t right either. Her breath caught at the back of her throat as the haze that had covered the moon for the past few moments passed, allowing the moon’s pale light to further reveal his features. His straight, blondish hair touched his starched collar and diamond studs glinted in each ear. He reminded her of her favorite Aussie country rocker, only a dozen or more years younger. She imagined, like the singer and guitarist, this local boy had tats.

She’d never talked to a bad boy. The man lounging next to her might be wearing a suit and tie, but it only accentuated his wildness. She took a shaky breath. Maybe he was the perfect guy for a night like tonight—an anonymous stranger—who didn’t need to know her name. She wanted to kiss him so badly she could taste it. He was everything free and masculine and tender and kind all rolled into one. How she knew that she couldn’t verbalize, but she shivered with awareness again, contemplating just how good it could be between them.

The sensible part of her was shocked at her train of thoughts. She knew nothing of the man’s background or his aspirations. But the independent, vibrant woman within her was cheering. Life was for the living, and she was alive. So what was she waiting for?

She set her empty glass in the sand beneath the chair and smiled at him, pushing away the last of her reservations. “For the sake of avoiding small talk and getting right to it, all I can think about are my lips on yours.”

“Well said.” He grinned.

She bit her lower lip in nervous anticipation. “The night’s too perfect to spoil with inconsequential details…like our names or day job demands or where we hail from.” Electricity thrummed between them, a tingle zipping through her while liquid heat pooled between her thighs. Was this the feeling she’d been missing her whole adult life? “Sooo…you mind if we kiss?”

“Not at all.” With that, he erased the millimeters of space still separating their lips, his touch soft and searching at first, getting to know her in that man-to-woman sort of way before moving in harder and more passionate.

She opened her mouth to him and their tongues tangled, their privacy protected by the beach’s high wall. His heat, surprisingly sweet, matched the expression she’d glimpsed in his silvery, blue eyes moments ago as he’d watched her swallow the last drops of her wine. She sighed, moving into his embrace as he leaned over the arm of his chair and caressed her shoulders, down the length of her bare arms. Don’t think. Just feel. She let her fingers roam through his silky mane, pulling him closer. She never wanted the kiss to end.

 Could he be dreaming? As far as Jeremy was concerned, the only thing better than being alone to think on a starlit night was hanging out with a hot, smart chick who knew what she wanted. She obviously liked to keep life simple, too. He was one lucky son of a bitch. She made it easy for him, asking him for a kiss. How did she know he wanted to taste her mouth, touch her silky skin, and mold his body against hers like this? Their physical connection soothed the torment in his soul, drowned the memories that had bobbed to the surface upon hearing that uncanny giggle back at the hotel.

By her eager response, he could tell…she wanted it, too.

Squelching his compulsion to understand what made women go crazy for the unattainable, he slid his lips over her cheek to the sensitive skin on her neck and nuzzled. Ah. She smelled so damned good, feminine heat mixed with summer flowers. He inhaled and stifled a satisfied groan.

He couldn’t get enough of her spice and sweetness. Leaning forward, he explored the softness near her collarbone, nipping gently and enjoying her sighs of pleasure. He slid his hands beneath her thin tee along her smooth rib cage and up, his thumbs grazing the rounded weight of her breasts. Another welcomed sigh escaped her and the roaring in his ears grew. He shifted. If only they could rid of these chairs, slide their heated bodies onto the cool sand and do what came naturally.

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Jolyse Barnett is a country girl living her happily-ever-after in Long Island suburbia with her real-life hero, two incredible children, and furry feline who thinks she’s a dog. Jolyse writes contemporary romance as well as romantic suspense with a dash of magic. She’s excited to announce the release of One More Sunset, Book 1 in her Mystic Escapes series set in exotic locales. Connect with Jolyse at


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FIRST KISS=TUESDAY (from The Secret Son by Joan Kilby)

First Kiss= TUESDAY

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Alex, a marketing manager from Seattle, has come to the small town of Cherry Lake, Montana, to reconnect with his estranged father, Robert Jackson. When he discovers his father’s real family know nothing about Alex, Alex pretends he’s just there to help with the cherry harvest. Emma, a friend of the Jackson family who’s also helping pick, is so not his type. Yet she distracts and disarms him…and asks far too many probing questions.

Emma, loyal to the Jacksons, makes it her business to find out what Alex is really doing in Cherry Lake. She fights her attraction to him – big city guys like Alex never stick around for long. But after a hot day of picking cherries, she invites him for a cooling swim in the lake. A moment of vulnerability in the arrogant city slicker leads to her dropping her barriers, too.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Alex said, swimming up beside her.

Emma closed her eyes to his handsome chiseled face and broad tanned shoulders streaming with lake water. Too tempted by him, she deliberately chose words that would keep him at a distance. “I was just thinking that you’re like a weed. This isn’t your normal habitat and yet you make your presence felt.”

“I don’t belong here is what you’re saying. I know that.”

The odd, bitter tone to his voice made her open her eyes. “I didn’t say it was bad.”

“That’s what weeds are, though. Pests. Your job is to get rid of them.”

“I don’t want to get rid of you.” She just wanted to understand him. She couldn’t say that, though. It sounded too serious for someone she’d just met. She stopped swimming and let her legs sink, treading water to keep afloat. “Tell me something about yourself.”

He stood in the water, too, hands moving in lazy circles. “It’s my birthday today. I had a party on the weekend but this is the actual day I was born.”

The news was completely unexpected. “Really? How old are you?”

“Thirty.” His mouth twisted. “I didn’t think it would affect me but it has.”

“Happy Birthday.” She studied his face, noting the faint laugh lines at the corners of his eyes and the sensitive contours of his mouth she’d initially thought arrogant. What was he doing so far from home, by himself, on his birthday? The milestone really must be affecting him if he was willing to share with a virtual stranger. Suddenly she hated that he wasn’t happy and wanted to make him laugh.

“Let me guess,” she said, deliberately lightening her tone. “You’re feeling old and panicking that your best years are behind you. You haven’t lived up to your potential and now it’s too late to follow your dream of becoming a rock star. Is that it?”

Just as she’d hoped, he laughed. “You have a hell of an imagination for a scientist.”

“Scientists have imaginations, just like anyone else.” She poked him in the chest. “I’m not sure about BMW owners, though.”

He grabbed her finger and hung on. “You’re just jealous.”

“No, I definitely am not. I love my broken down Honda.” Oh, God, had that come out breathy because his fingers were wrapped around hers? Or was it because he was drawing her closer. Planting a large splayed hand on her hip. Leaning in. Kissing her. Just a glancing brush of the lips but it made her mouth tingle and her body come alive.

She kissed him back, tentatively at first; tasting the lake water on his lips, cool against the warmth of his tongue. He released her finger and slid his other hand down to grip her hips. Her hands found his shoulders–broad and sun-warmed. Their legs tangled as his tongue stroked hers. The sun was a white glow outside her closed eyelids. In the distance a motor boat purred across the lake. Children laughed very far away. Up close all she heard was her heart beating and the soft slap of the water around their shoulders.

What was she doing, kissing a hot shot with a fancy car who wouldn’t be here this time next week? It wasn’t in her makeup to have flings. Next she’d be having meaningless sex on the beach beneath a blanket. Alex was hands down the sexiest guy she’d ever kissed but he wasn’t going to be around long enough for her to get to know his middle name.

So it was really dumb to start something that she wouldn’t follow through on. And yet she found herself sliding a leg up his hip and twining her other leg around his. Without kicking to keep them afloat, they promptly sank below the surface.

It was the dose of cold water she needed. The lake filled her nostrils. Choking and spluttering, she shot to the surface. “That’s enough of that.”















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Award-winning author Joan Kilby writes sweet, sexy contemporary romance with a touch of humor. When she’s not working on a new book Joan can often be found at her local gym doing yoga, or being dragged around the neighborhood by her Jack “Rascal” terrier. Her hobbies are growing vegetables, cooking, traveling and reading–not necessarily in that order. Happily married with three children, Joan lives in Melbourne, Australia.

She loves to hear from readers so feel free to drop her a line. For contact details and more info on Joan’s books, go to Or connect with her on Facebook , Twitter or Goodreads.

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Please welcome my old friend and Tule author, Kathleen O’Brien to First Kiss=Tuesday. I’ve loved Kathleen’s writing since our Superromance days and can’t wait to introduce you to her new Princess story.

Today, you’ll read a darling snippet from :


Prince Ronan Vicenza has hired Brenna Tinley to deal with a public relations snafu in the royal family. Only the two of them know that nine years ago he posed as a commoner and became her summer lover. He broke her heart when he left without a word, and he hopes offering this high-profile job will help make amends. But will it? He still wants her, and if he isn’t careful he might just break her heart all over again.




by Kathleen O’Brien

He couldn’t believe he was saying this crap out loud to anyone, even Brenna.

He had no intention of sharing the rest of the crazy story.  They’d send the men in the white coats if they knew he went to the cemetery every year hoping that someday he would walk away a free man.  Either his father’s spirit would send a message, releasing him from his promises, or he’d finally stand up to the old tyrant and explain that he didn’t need a ghost’s permission to be happy.  He was setting himself free.

“Anyhow,” he said.  “It never happens, of course.  I end up annoyed at myself for being so daft and wishing I’d gone fishing instead.”

She nodded—not agreeing, exactly, but just acknowledging.  She probably didn’t understand, but she was one of those rare people who didn’t use her own experience as the yardstick by which she measured everybody’s truth.

She was willing to accept that this was Ronan’s reality, and that was enough to make it legitimate.  He’d always loved that about her…

“You’re a very kind person, Brenna Tinley,” he said, out of nowhere.

She flushed, but he meant it, with his entire being.  What a gift she was…had always been.

Truth was, he had never deserved her.  Prince or no prince, he’d always been unworthy to kiss the ground this woman walked on, much less those generous, tender, loving lips.

And yet…

He didn’t think it through.  He didn’t ask permission.  Letting go of Pepper’s reins, he took three steps forward.  He gathered Brenna into his arms, bent his head, and kissed her.

Heaven help him…this might be wrong, but nothing in the past nine years had ever felt so right.  She belonged here.  His arms knew her, his mouth knew her, even his hungry heart knew her.

He knew he must never do this again, so he made it last.  Slowly, he dragged his mouth across hers, his heart pounding as he discovered she tasted just the same as she always had.  Wild violets and climbing roses bloomed in his veins, and he went deeper, parting her lips and driving into the sweet, wet shadows.

He could have stayed like that forever, with her fragile, intoxicating body warm against him, and her swollen lips trembling under his.

It was heaven, but he was greedy, and even heaven suddenly wasn’t enough.  He wanted to press her down against the cool grass right here, right now, and make love to her under the moonlight.  The way he used to do.

He would give every inch of his sorry soul to see her like that again, naked and unashamed, washed in ivory light.




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Age matters…not!

Welcome to my first ever My Sexy Saturday blog.

This is part of a Bog Hop. That means my blog is one of many, connected by a common link so you can read and read and read…and discover new authors. Each other has the option of sharing 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs they deem sexy.

Here’s the link to check out other super fun, super sexy blogs. MySexySaturday

And since my 4-book Screw Senility features a 54-year old heroine, looking for love in some unexpected places, I thought I’d give you a peek at Judy Banger’s love life. Warning: it’s complicated.  And naughty.

In this scene Judy Banger is seducing the contractor who came to remodel her bedroom and chase away the bad ju-ju after her last sexual partner kicked the bucket during/after coitus. Her new lover is nine years her junior. But who’s counting…?

Seven paragraphs…

“What the f*!# is that?”

“A French tickler.”

He let out a low guffaw. “I know what it is. I’ve just never seen one shaped like a devil’s head.” He picked it up, gingerly, examining the garish red, grinning horned figure, even waggling its protruding tongue back and forth. “It’s freaky. Where’d you get it?”

A stocking stuffer three years earlier from Pru sounded far too weird to share, so she shrugged. “A friend.”


She shook her head. “No. I’ve had it for a while. Been waiting for the right partner.”

He handed it back. Then, with a wide grin belying the devilish arch of his brow, he pointed to his groin. “Well, slap it on, darlin’. I’m your go-to guy.”

Yep, Judy Banger is full of surprises–4 books worth. Check ’em out here.


My Unexpected Blog

Why “Unexpected”?

Well, check out what my Thesaurus says about the word:

amazing, astonishing, eye-opening, fortuitous, from left field, impetuous, prodigious, unpredictable, wonderful.

I get a little giddy thinking about all the possibilities: guest bloggers, Q&As with characters, super sexy, provocative photos OR pics of my dog, the rattlesnake we just killed, or anything else that might stumble into my corner of the world.

Snake, you say? 45″, 7 buttons. This big boy (or girl, I can’t tell the difference)    scared the heck out of me while I was writing this blog. (It’s a beautiful spring  day in Debland and my poor old deaf dog nearly got struck not ten feet from  where I was sitting (on my deck).

What other types of unexpected goodies can you expect?

Well, for starters: How ’bout a Blow-out Sale?!

Or, as Judy Banger would say, "A blow job sale!"

I reduced the price on ALL of my short fiction titles to: $1.99.

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Three great authors, three terrific stories for one low price.

Read. Laugh. And if you’re eligible…Screw Senility. (I’m off to work on book III – More Bang! For Your Buck).