Visiting another bookclub

So how fun is this? The “As Soon As I Finish This Chapter…” book club decided to read HIS BROTHER’S SECRET as their March selection and they invited me to be guest speaker.  Here’s a shot of our lovely hostess, Linda Scoggin (if the name rings a bell, it’s because I used it in the book–unfortunately, MY Linda was murdered by the bad twin. Hope that wasn’t too much information.)  She’s the lady in robin’s egg blue in the center of the group.  I knew everyone’s name at one point (as I was signing) but my sieve-like memory would undoubtedly get a few wrong if I tried to list from left to right. Suffice to say, they were a wonderful group. Great questions, great food and best of all–they loved my Spotlight on Sentinel Pass series!!! Yeah!

So, what’s the Wine, Women and Words book club currently reading? Brace yourself. It’s serious. It’s sobering.  (Yeah, I know…kinda goes against type, huh?)  It’s heavy.  It makes me want to be a better inhabitant of this planet.  Title: THE GREAT TURNING by David. C. Korten.

And Char just finished: NICK AND NORAH’S INFINITE PLAYLIST. Her comment: “They made a movie out of that? Really?” But it made her laugh and she felt really hip after reading it. Well, sorta hip.

Jenna just finished reading the new Harlan Coben thriller, HOLD TIGHT. It freaked her out a little, but she passed it on to Libby.  Jenna was going to suggest it as a WWW’s title, but Libby vetoed the idea.  She said  pulverized bodies keep her up at night. S till, it was exciting if you’re into thrillers.

Kat is half-way through Susan Gable’s new Superromance, A KID TO THE RESCUE.  She’s loving it. Nobody can remember what the April read is. Any suggestions?

Photos from Deb’s Lost Coast adventure up next….