Welcome to the Man Cave

manly decor, no?

My father-in-law and brother-in-law are coming tomorrow for a month’s stay. They’re fed up with winter in South Dakota and need an escape. I remember those long, white winters and don’t blame them, but introducing two guests into a household for four weeks could be a challenge, unless you happen to have a Man Cave handy.

Our guest house didn’t start out as a Man Cave. It morphed from a shop, to an art studio, to a bachelor pad for our son, to a studio apartment, to a cottage, and, now, it’s changed again.

You gotta love a space that is that flexible. You could learn from a space like that. You could take to heart that nothing is written in stone and every change leads to new possibilities.

The reason this lesson is important to me is that I’m currently working on my revisions for my December book. This is my 27th book, so I’m pretty familiar with revisions, but each book is different. And each time I get the “fix this” call from my editor, I have to remind myself of one simple thing: revising will make it better; over-revising will make you crazy and it won’t help the story.

Kinda like the man cave. No new walls, windows or rooms; instead, we went for the nuances that give it personality and theme. A few fishing poles, lures (or instruments of death, as my hubby calls them), lots of remote controls and a couple of leather recliners.

So, I’m off to “revisionland” – an island of small, significant change in the heart of Debland. But I’m looking forward to hangin’ with the boys at the Man Cave once my revisions are done.

Have a great week!

2 Replies to “Welcome to the Man Cave”

  1. Changing some things, but not all is a great lesson to learn! Like you said – it works in rooms and in your stories.
    Number 27? Wow. That is something to be proud of.

  2. Marcie,
    I keep reminding myself of that every step of the way. Interestingly, I find that when I cut something, the space immediately fills will with something better. Reduce, reuse, recyle…sorta. LOL

    Thanks. It’s hard to believe actually. (27) And counting…two more in the series.


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