Why Happy Endings Matter

The news this week has been heartbreaking.

Two faces of our time.

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Too young, two dead.

Lost to gun violence and drugs. Futures ended. Families, loved ones, communities devastated.

I want to turn back the clock and do something to change this reality. Send Trayvon in a different direction. Give him a couple of buddies to walk with. Distract his killer with something positive and useful. I want Corey to wake up that morning feeling strong and empowered, in control of his addiction demons. I’d have his beautiful girlfriend show up unexpectedly, and they’d realize that “Why, yes! Today would be a great day to elope!”

And I can do that…because I’m a writer who believes in happy endings. Apparently, I crave them.

When I started writing my Screw Senility series, I had no intention of ending it with Judy Banger in a wedding dress. H.E. Double-toothpicks No! (If you’ve read any of this series, you know the language is…um…colorful.) I reveled in the fun and liberty of writing a heroine who wasn’t constantly worrying about what her hero would think. Judy was a rebel. She didn’t need no stinking hero. 😉

But as I got to know her better, I realized she might not NEED a hero–a partner, a soul-mate, but she wanted one. And when an interesting hero-type showed up–much to my surprise!–I began to believe that maybe–just maybe–she’d get her HEA (happily-ever-after). I didn’t realize until the Black Moment how strong Judy was and how much was resting on her hero (the Judge) stepping up to do the right thing. (Which thanks to Judy, he now had a clear understanding of what the Right Thing involved.)

I do realize that real life doesn’t offer a convenient editing option. I can’t undo the pain and sadness so many people–the famous or the not-so-famous–must deal with every day. But, I can make things turn out right in my books, and when you’re reading this series I hope you’ll chuckle, cringe, laugh out loud, blush and…finally, sigh contentedly. All will never be right with the world, but things in Judy Banger’s world are lookin’ pretty darn happy.

Big Bang! Theory

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Did the last book you read end happily? Have you ever re-written a story in your head when it ended poorly? Oh, come on, surely you didn’t let Kevin Costner get on that damn boat in Message In A Bottle, did you? Did you?



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  1. GladysMP! I thought my reply function was broken, but you made it through! Yeah!!! Thank you so much for posting.

    Yes, Judy Banger is not like any character I’ve ever written. She was quite shocking at first! Quite! But by the end of the series, she’s got her life on track and my beta readers were very, very pleased. I hope you will be, too.

    All the best!

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