A Hundred Years Or More-author Debra Salonen’s short story about love and friendship that transcends death


A Hundred Years Or More short story by Debra Salonen

April 2011

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Captured in the wild, caged and sold to an unsuspecting family, a young parrot adjusts to his new world, his new life, with the help of a young girl. Delia names her companion in the sick room: Captain Jack. She spins him stories of great adventures on the high seas. She gives him the gift of language…

Theirs is a love story, not a romance. A unique perspective on life–and an extraordinary friendship–as observed through the keen eye of a narrator, who has heard it said time and time again, “Parrots live a hundred years or more.”


Note From The Author

This love story is not a romance.
It is told through a unique perspective that will leave you asking–what happens when our pets outlive us?
Do you believe in serendipity? Read Debra’s blog to see the odd link between her short story and an old friend’s eerily prophetic words. “Hello…goodbye”