Judy Does Christmas by Debra Salonen

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Judy Banger’s happily-ever-after marriage faces its first big hurdle: her hubby’s Mother of all Holiday Parties Judy Banger has a secret. She’s no fan of Christmas. She’s suffered through fifty-four of them and, too late, she discovers she’s married to Wiley “Santa Claus” Canby. In four short months of marriage, Judy and Wiley have crossed off more items on their bucket list than most people do in four years. But, now it’s December, and Wiley wants to throw a big, blow-out holiday party to show off his new wife. Unfortunately, Judy’s never hosted a gala party in her life–especially not one that includes a cross-section of friends and family that would make Modern Family look like the Waltons. What could possibly go wrong?

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Judy Uncensored by Debra Salonen

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 Too young to throw in the towel, too old to…actually, there’s not much 50-something Judy Banger won’t do when she decides to take control of her love life, her sexuality and her future. Shhh…don’t tell anybody, but being good is highly overrated. Being naughty is much more fun.
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My Christmas Angel by Debra Salonen

 “Little Dickie Daniels is a Christmas angel.” So, 8-year old Abigail believes…until she meets the scruffy child her mother brings home on Christmas Eve. But looks can be deceiving Abigail learns, and some encounters leave an indelible mark. Thirty years later, Abby–author of the children’s book “My Christmas Angel”–receives a call that proves holiday miracles really do happen.



“Lori’s having an affair.”Patrick Sullivan shares his deepest, darkest fear with his business partner and best friend, hoping Jay will talk him down from the ledge. But how does anyone talk sense to a man who is convinced his rival is Gator–the hunky, heartthrob hero of his romance author wife’s latest novel?This short story will keep you wondering till the very end, “Is she or isn’t she?”


A Hundred Years Or More

 Captured in the wild, caged and sold to an unsuspecting family, a young parrot adjusts to his new world, his new life, with the help of a young girl. Delia names her companion in the sick room: Captain Jack. She spins him stories of great adventures on the high seas. She gives him the gift of language…Theirs is a love story, not a romance. A unique perspective on life–and an extraordinary friendship–as observed through the keen eye of a narrator, who has heard it said time and time again, “Parrots live a hundred years or more.” 


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