Hello, and welcome to my newly remodeled website. Like everything in life, it’s a work-in-progress.

Do you love stories with happy endings? It’s the only kind I read…and write. My newest series is a collection of contemporary stand-alone romance novels set in the American west!

From the Oregon coast to the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the Central Valley of California–and a few other unique destinations, you’ll meet heroes and heroines who know who they are and what they want out of life. But who wants to make that journey alone? Given the right person…the right timing…maybe a helpful dog that knows every human deserves to live happily ever after and you’ve got yourself a love story. Because on the West Coast, happily-ever-after is state-of-the-heart.

Here are my two new books! I hope they touch your heart, as they touched mine.

Life can change in an instant. The same amount of time it takes for a bullet to kill.
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Even the dog knows the importance of happily-ever-after.
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Born and raised in Brookings, South Dakota, Deb grew up calling herself “an only child with four siblings,” since the youngest of the first four was ten when Deb was born. As an “only” child, she enjoyed the benevolent neglect of busy parents who operated a taxi cab company out of the family home. This meant lots of time to let her imagination run wild—every bike was a horse, every nook and corner a place to read and daydream.

At age five, her father spoke these prophetic words, “As soon as you can write, I’ll put you on the payroll.” Money for words? Apparently the suggestion stuck because by age ten, she’d written a really awful screenplay—on lined, notebook paper for the TV show Flipper (with the idea of starring as the love interest for the show’s young TV heartthrob, of course). …read more