Gator, a provocative short story about love or something like it


Gator, a short story by romance author Debra Salonen

April 2011

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“Lori’s having an affair.”

Patrick Sullivan shares his deepest, darkest fear with his business partner and best friend, hoping Jay will talk him down from the ledge. But how does anyone talk sense to a man who is convinced his rival is Gator–the hunky, heartthrob hero of his romance author wife’s latest novel?

This short story will keep you wondering till the very end, “Is she or isn’t she?”


Note From The Author

Is she…or isn’t she? If you think you know, you’d better keep reading this award-winning short story.

And if you love this awesome cover, you might be interested to know that my pal and fellow Superromance author, Kim Van Meter, is the clever creative force behind it. Check out all the other fabulous covers she’s designed at