Travelogue Tuesday: Sail away with me…

I’m baaack from my travels! Had fun, but brrrr….I only wore shorts once…for two hours…on the last day. Seriously. The weather was not our friend, but thankfully we had blue skies most of the time.

Here are a few pics. (Thanks to my new web guru for fixing the problem so these images finally showed up!)

When I wasn’t hanging out with the guys, I was perched in a sunny spot reading my final three RITA books. That is MY kind of working vacation!!!

The paparazzi was constantly hounding me. Here I am eating ice cream, proving it was almost warm once.

Next blog will be an update on my current website remodeling…and maybe a word or two about my next book. 😉

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6 Replies to “Travelogue Tuesday: Sail away with me…”

    1. Thanks!! Sorry the photos are showing. I have my web-guru working on it. Very annoying to go to all the work–and they show up on my workpage, but not when it gets sent. Grrr.

      1. I figured it was some kind of snafu. Sorry it’s been troublesome.

        I’ve been trying desperately to figure out how to sign up for your blog with my new email.

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