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MONTANA BLUEPRINT FOR LOVE – Book I in the Property Sisters of Montana series released wide yesterday (with one small glitch where NOOK readers were concerned, but that’s been fixed!!!). Buy from your favorite vendor: HERE.

I’m a huge fan of HGTV shows. They’re my go-to “binge while hiding out from a virus” pick. I also live with a 4th-generation general contractor, so, believe me, I’ve earned my remodeling chops. In fact, flipping an old house with my family was the inspiration behind the Property Sisters of Montana storyline. “Diamond” Jim McCall’s daughters grew up in the biz–and couldn’t wait to hang up their tool aprons for college. But Ruby, Amber and Jade put family above all else and each brings new skills to the mix when they return to help their parents avoid bankruptcy.

If you enjoy reading second chance at love stories, I hope you’ll fall in love with Ruby and Boone. Too young to appreciate what they felt for each other the first time around, they reconnect in Marietta, Montana, when they agree to rehab an old ranch house. Hammers and hardhats are all they need to feel an old, familiar spark. Will they or won’t they put aside old hurts to try again?

In these challenging times, please be considerate of others.

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