Finally, Friday! Weekend, here I come!


My first week after vacation was interesting.

The usual catch-with life stuff made more complicated by a stomach bug. I’d be tempted to blame Montezuma’s revenge, but the babies had it, too. (Heard it’s a popular bug at school right now. Sigh.)

I’m finally feeling human today, so I went out to play before a big storm brings us more rain! Unusual for March, but we will take every inch of rain and snow (in the mountains) we can get.

Grrr. I still can’t upload photos. This is getting old, WordPress!

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!




4 Replies to “Finally, Friday! Weekend, here I come!”

    1. Thanks so much. I wound up with a cold and am skipping today. Will take BART in tomorrow, if I’m feeling better, but I don’t want to spread any germs–enough of that this winter!!!

      But I have good news to share about Kelly. She finally saw an orthopedic doctor who said she’s healing well and it was a clean break, which didn’t need surgery!!! She has a removable brace that protects her wrist but she can take it off to shower. She still needs help putting the baby in her car seat and changing diapers is a big challenge, but we’ve arranged for some extra help around here while I’m gone.

      I’m hunkered down with tea and lemon, reading romance novels today!!!

      Can’t wait to share pics from the cruise. Thanks for your good wishes!!!


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