FINALLY FRIDAY: a sad, sad follow-up

My dear ones,

So many of you wrote me privately and/or commented on my post about helping to move my sister-in-law into an assisted living center. I knew Sharleen was conflicted about the move–not wanting to leave her home of 40+ years, but I was happy to find her engaged with other residents every time I visited–whether whupping unsuspecting victims at Scrabble or amassing hoards of dimes from competitive Bingo and Skip-Bo (whatever that is).

She truly seemed to be doing well…until she wasn’t.

Sharleen passed away peacefully at her daughter’s home on Wednesday morning, surrounded by family. She began having trouble breathing the evening before and went into the ER. The doctors tried a number of things, but nothing seemed to help so they told the family it was time to call in hospice. My sweet niece took her mother home and Sharleen was gone the next morning. At peace. With my brother.

I’m sad, but very glad she didn’t suffer. I’m sad because I’ll miss her presence in my life and because I know her passing signifies the end of Easters-at-the-Ranch.

But I’m happy she’s no longer sad. I’m happy picturing her spirit rejoined with my brother’s. I ran across a couple of great photos I’d like to share with you. They make me smile. I hope they do you, too.

Is that a Shirley Temple smile or what?
Bob and Sharleen Robson headed off on their honeymoon. So very much in love.
Sharleen always said her forties were her favorite years.

I’m off to learn lots from other Indie authors at SF UnCon.

See you next week, my friends.



11 thoughts on “FINALLY FRIDAY: a sad, sad follow-up”

    • You’re so right, Kathleen. She was trying to be a good sport but the reality of life without my brother was just not fun for her.

  1. I am so sorry Deb at the lost of your sister. Losing a sister is severing a very strong bond. I love the pictures you shared and hope her memories make a place in your heart.

  2. Deb, I am so very sorry to hear about your sister, Sharleen’s passing! My thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of the family.

    Sincerely ,

    Suzie Quebedeaux


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