HEALTHY living tip #1: Wonderful Waterpik®–a success story!

My late father loved the newest and greatest electric gismos. We had electric shoe shiners (fluffy circles of red and blue), electric pencil sharpeners (that stopped working when a grandkid tried to sharpen a crayon) and, of course, a new fangled water flosser called a Waterpik ® (ours was olive green).

I wasn’t a fan of this messy machine. I’d give it a lame try every once in awhile, but I didn’t have time to wait for the tap water to warm up and the cold water was a shock to my system.

Fast forward many, many years. As a person who hasn’t taken care of her gums as well as she should have over those years, I am looking at receding–and thinning–gums. Thinning means minute particles of food can lodge in between the gum line and the tooth to cause irritation and infection. Even brushing with an electric toothbrush, which I use, can miss these particles.

Gail, my dental hygienist, periodically checks the health of this important tissue with a little probe. She pokes around each tooth and calls out a reading. “Two, three, two. One, two, two. Three, three, four.”

Fours aren’t good. Fives are worse.

The last time she gave my gum tissue an exam, it flunked. Well, it got a D, which in Debland is not acceptable.  I asked Gail what I could do to help prevent further gum loss. “At this rate, my gums are disappearing faster than the glaciers.”

She recommended a water flosser. I drove straight to Costco and bought a Waterpik ®. Since that day, I’ve used it faithfully. One might say I’ve become addicted. Recently, I learned that you can add a couple of drops of your favorite mouthwash to the water and save a step in your nightly ablutions.

On Tuesday, I returned to my dentist’s office and Gail performed the probe. Holy hygiene, Bat Girl, the improvement was amazing! A-minus at the very least! Since this is the only thing new I’ve introduced into my oral health regimen, I’m going to credit my success to water flossing.

I thought I’d share this experience not because I own stock in Waterpik ®, but because some of you might be on the fence about whether or not to buy another “thing” to take up space in your bathroom. The answer is: Do it. Use it. And don’t look in the mirror while operating it (messy!!!).  Don’t wait as long as I did. Your gums will thank you.


PS: Remember that classic line from Pretty Woman when Richard Gere thought Julia Roberts was doing drugs and it turned out she was flossing? Here’s her advice, by which I stand.

4 thoughts on “HEALTHY living tip #1: Wonderful Waterpik®–a success story!”

  1. I’ve been tempted to buy one. I’m good at flossing, and my numbers are usually good, but one never knows.

    You’re the second author to rave about a waterpik in a week.

    • That’s funny! Maybe we’re all “of a certain age” where stuff like this rises in importance. My hubby is using it to get at those tricky spots at the back of his mouth. He was slow to convert, but now he’s sold!

    • I swear that old one of ours is around here somewhere. LOL. Those things never die. But my new one is much better. Glad you got a smile from this.


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