FINALLY FRIDAY: “Chilly Nut Balls” – my made-up recipe

“Chilly Nut Balls”

That’s what I’m calling my simple, easy-to-make, healthy, summer snack recipe.

Reviews from my family: “Chewy. Cool. I like it.” “Not bad. Pretty good, actually.” (from my hubby who spurns anything too nutritional.) “Super yummy. Can I have another?” And my personal fave: “Oh, my! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

DISCLAIMER: I’m a pantster–in writing and in cooking. I work with what I have in the cupboard. I don’t measure, and I never make any dish exactly the same way every time. Consider that my gift to you–you’re not locked into any formal recipe here. Buy yummy stuff you like, experiment with small batches until you find what works for you, and, as long you include chocolate, you can’t go wrong.

Deb’s “sorta” recipe: CHILLY NUT BALLS

In a bowl, combine (measurements are extremely approximate):

1/2 C almond butter

1/4 C Nutella

1/2 C applesauce

Then add to mixture:

1/2 C sunflower seeds (roasted & salted are best, IMO)

1/2 C raisins

3/4 C chocolate chips (you can tell where my priorities are)

Stir together before adding:

1 C oatmeal (I bought the 1-minute kind by mistake and like it best in this recipe). You may need more to give desired consistency. You don’t want them too sticky to form into balls.

Cover and chill one hour, then shape into balls.

Keep refrigerated, serve and snack to your heart’s content.


These have become my late-afternoon pick-me-up after a long day of playing publisher (second book in my BETTING ON LOVE series is almost ready for review). These little gems might be the reason I finally (after a hassle with iBooks) got both of my new WEST COAST HAPPILY-EVER-AFTER Boxed Sets up. Are you a fan boxed sets? Makes sense. You never miss a book, and, of course, save money, too.


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Have a great weekend, my friends! Stay cool. Happy snacking!


Finally Friday: Saying Goodbye to an old friend…in style!!!

Life is all about change, right? In 1999, I sold my first book to Harlequin Superromance. It came out eight months later, and thus began a great, 26-book adventure for me. I worked with some of the best editors in the biz. I learned so much about writing, story and publishing. I made wonderful, lifelong friends—some who are joining me in Superromance’s last HURRAH.

That’s right, the venerable line is ending this month. We’re sending it off with a celebration of great titles and a giveaway like you won’t believe. 35+ Superromance authors have banded together to offer readers a huge giveaway of over 200 books! The contest runs from June 6 – 15 so enter now for one of five chances to win! Click on the meme to sign up. Good luck and happy, happy reading!

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My newsletter is going out next week with news of a special release! I’ll share those books with you next Friday, but feel free to sign up for my newsletter if you want to be the first to know.

Happy weekend! I’m off to American Graffiti in Modesto. Remember the movie? Part of it was filmed on location, I’ve been told.



Finally Friday: Gasp! It’s June, already!

Happy 1st day of June!

I’m playing catch-up. This week was busy prepping for my newsletter and getting my new release up for PreOrder. There are always so many loose ends to tuck into place before the links go live. Then, there’s the wait time while the vendors upload your book to make your links live!

But I think the drama was worth it. As I wrote in my newsletter, “As sometimes happens in the book publishing biz, your creative team disagrees about certain elements of production, and, although I’m the one who came up with the Princess Brides concept, my editor pointed out one small inconsistency: not every book ends with a wedding. In fact, the wedding above doesn’t take place until the last book of the series. Sooo…we’ve come up with a new flash, improved tagline, title tweaks and a new focus for the covers. I absolutely love what my cover designer, Rogenna Brewer, did with Book 1. I hope you like it, too.”

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Is it me, or does my heroine look a bit like Meghan Markle?

Here’s the blurb that finally passed editorial muster:

Four sisters named after royalty, with dowries fit for a queen. Their Gypsy fortuneteller mother predicted each would marry a prince…of sorts.

She’s a princess with more to lose than her dowry.

Las Vegas restaurateur Grace Parlier doesn’t gamble, but she’s risking her dowry on a new business with her late father’s friend because casino owner Charles Harmon has what she wants: location, location, location. The money may have been earmarked for a wedding, but everyone knows Grace has terrible taste in men. Look at the way her heart races every time her family’s latest Romani rescue comes close. But how could an ex-con from Detroit possibly be the prince she was meant to marry?

He’s a Detroit cop with no skin in the game—or so he wants to believe.

Nick Lightner goes undercover in Vegas for one reason only: to take down scumbag Charles Harmon. Does he believe Lucky Chuck is a human serpent threatening his birth father’s family? Hell, no. Nick knows who he is and where his allegiance lies. Certainly not with a sexy “princess” who makes the few drops of Romani blood in his veins run hotter than a winning streak at the craps table. His heart maintains a safe distance…until the princess takes a bullet meant for him, then all bets are off.

PRINCE CHARMING UNDERCOVER is Book 1 in the Betting On Love series. If you’re a fan of romance with a side of suspense, you’ll love this action-packed story that introduces you to the kind of family Debra Salonen–winner of Romantic Times Reviewer’s Career Achievement “Series Storyteller of the Year” award in 2006–is known for. “Debra Salonen captures reader attention with multifaceted characters, layered conflict and fast pacing.”—Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times

Buy PRINCE CHARMING UNDERCOVER–the perfect “staycation.” Visit Las Vegas without leaving home. But remember, when your heart’s on the line, there’s no such thing as a safe bet.

The book won’t release wide for a whole month, but the way time is flying by, that will probably be tomorrow. 😉 But feel free to preorder here: PRINCE CHARMING UNDERCOVER or you can read the first chapter for free HERE.

Have a beautiful weekend!