Happy Labor Day weekend, my friends! (And I do mean labor.)

This past week was one of the most physically taxing of my whole summer. As I may have mentioned previously, our construction company is working on a whole-house remodel, and on Monday, two of my husband’s brothers arrived to help. I can’t tell you how impressed I am by the Salonen boys’ (husband and son, included) work ethic. Four extra hands helped move the project forward by weeks, not days.

Brother Bob is a plumber back in South Dakota. His skill saved the day with this tricky corner sink.

Here’s an “after” shot. This small bath is part of the bonus living space we’re calling: the apartment.

Apartment bath complete!

My brother-in-law, Don, is a chef by trade and training, but he’s super handy when it comes to everything else. He and I made a pretty good team when it came to hanging exterior lights, trimming trees and clean up–lots and lots of clean up. We also made some pretty great meals!

Brother Don and I installed all 11 exterior lights on the house.


My team after a hard day.

AND this is me…well, this is how I felt every day this week, which is why I did no promo for my new book. Sigh.

Exactly how I felt every day this week.

So…here’s a link to my new book. If you’re R&R-ing this long, holiday weekend, I hope you’ll consider reading RISKY BABY BUSINESS. Download here at the vendor of your choice: BOOKS2READ

Have a great–relaxing–Labor Day!


FINALLY FRIDAY: Dog Days of Summer

Happy Friday, everyone!

The past couple of weeks have been really hectic here and HOT! The Central Valley had 29 days of over 100-degrees. We felt every one of them, plus we were dealing with terrible smoke from the nearby Ferguson Fire.

But I’m thrilled to say the fire is 100% contained and Yosemite National Park is open for business! Our poor little town of Mariposa took a real hit to its tourist income during the five weeks of fire, so we locals have tried to do our best to shop local and support our friends and neighbors.

Is it Back-To-School time where you live?

I take my granddaughters shopping for a new backpack the last week before school starts and spend the day at a nearby water park.

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HER FOREVER COWBOY – Book I in the West Coast Happily-Ever-After series.

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Happy reading!


FINALLY FRIDAY: release day butterflies

A new release is always fraught with worries and nervousness for me. What if I forgot to update the final version at ALL the vendors? What if something beyond my control goes wrong? What if readers hate it?

You’d think after doing this for 20 years, I’d be over the jitters, but no. It’s still a bit like sending your kid to Kindergarten for the first time. (Only I don’t have to worry about the biting.) 😉

Anyway, here’s the meme I created for this new release.

Click on image for buying options.


Here are two little snippets that a member of my review team enjoyed. I hope you do, too.


“The ceilings’ numerous recessed cans gave silvery highlights to his tousled waves. His casual polo shirt was a cool sage, almost the same color as his eyes. Sexy. Gorgeous. But it was the concern she read in his expression that really moved her. He cared. She sensed it, and that made him dangerous. She was a sucker for kindness.”

#2: (Kate’s four-year old daughter, Maya, finds fault with any man her mother shows an interest in. In our hero’s case, she takes exception to his shoes. She claims they squeak.)

“Sorry, Kate. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m not usually this defensive about my shoes.” He glanced down at the demon cherub with the innocent smile. “But they don’t squeak. They cost an arm and a leg.”
“Then you’d only need one,” Maya said.

I hope you have a happy first weekend of August!