Finally Friday: #Reviewersrock

Face it, writing can be a very insular profession.

You write, edit, publish, repeat. Sometimes, you get so caught up in the creative process you forget that real people will pick up your book and read it. And…gulp…leave their thoughts about it in a review.

The wonder happens when a reader connects with a story on the same level that grabbed you, the author, while you were writing it…and then shares her thoughts in a review. To paraphrase Sally Field, “She gets it, she really gets it.” Wow! What a feeling!

Because this doesn’t always happen, I can’t help but celebrate when it does. Here’s a Goodreads review from a reader named, Maria.

Maria’s Reviews > That Cowboy’s Forever Famly

That Cowboy's Forever Famly by Debra Salonen

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That Cowboy’s Forever Famly (West Coast Happily-Ever-After Book 6) 

Debra Salonen(Goodreads Author)

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Maria‘s review

Apr 12, 2018
it was amazing


That Cowboy’s forever family is a sweet, heartwarming book that entertains, moves, and leaves the reader with a wonderful sense of hope and trust.
The plot is rich with lively characters and a myriad of different situations, as well as plenty of beautiful cameo episodes. It has a well paced narration that keeps the reader entertained and interested throughout the book until the very last page.
Even though this is a highly emotional story, the author masterfully avoids excessive drama. Instead, the character’s feelings, personalities and emotions are explored with a rational and balanced approach.
Tom, the protagonist, is an amazing character. Abandoned by his wife while she was pregnant with their second child, he has managed to overcome his betrayal and loss, maturing into a balanced, generous and loving individual. When he suddenly becomes solely responsible for his two daughters, he dedicates all his efforts into being a nurturing full time father for them. His readiness to overhaul his entire life for the sake of his children, his capability to overcome his pride, accepting help and embracing change, encouraging dialogue, his strains to make his daughters feel secure and loved, give life to a beautifully engaging story.
Abby, the female heroine, travels an emotional journey of her own. She is going through ia moment of change, and has an instinctive understanding that she needs to step up her life, break the status quo and fight for what she really wants. Obviously easier said than done, until Tom’s love and moral integrity give her the final push towards self realisation.
Angela and Heather, Tom’s daughters, are well described, lively characters. The first one almost excessively portrays a typical teenager, abruptly thrown towards adulthood by the circumstances of her life. Her emotional evolution is heartfelt and very credible. Heather is sweet and funny. Dealing with her grieving process is a completely different challenge for Tom. His efforts to be a parent to an angry teenager and at the same time heal his little girl’s soul give life to some of the best pages of the book.
The plot is also filled with many other side characters, all of them well depicted and giving an essential contribution to the story.
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. Opinions and comments are solely my own.

Is that a great way to start the weekend or what? I’m so inspired, I’m sitting down with my Kindle and writing reviews for the last three books that I read–and neglected to review. My hope is one author will read one of my reviews and feel appreciated. Believe me, it’s a great feeling!!!

Happy reading, my friends,


PS: Here’s the link to That Cowboy’s Forever Family, in case Maria’s review inspired you: BOOKS2READ.

Finally Friday: Friday the 13th

Does Friday the 13th worry you?

Daisy, my middle granddaughter, was born on the 13th–which makes it a special number/day in our lives. The next time her birthday falls on Friday the 13th will be in 2025. She will be turning 18. (Can you tell I love calendars and dates?)

So, even though I no complaint with the number 13, I do think it’s a great excuse to hunker down with a book–or ten. 😉

I included my BLACK HILLS RENDEZVOUS boxed sets in this meme because they were the first I placed on the “shelves” of my online Bookstore. At $8/book, that’s a pretty good deal for three complete novels, plus, with the 25% coupon, the price drops to $6. Sweet, huh?

This week I added my two naughty comedies–the wildly irreverent JUDY UNCENSORED, which features a 54-year-old, self-proclaimed “trailer trash” heroine who is searching for love in all the wrong places and her spin-off holiday novella JUDY DOES CHRISTMAS. Just when you think you’ve found your happily-ever-after…along comes the holidays.

You can read a sample here: BOOKSTORE.

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Be safe, my lovelies! And happy reading and have a wonderful weekend!




Finally Friday: another storm? You’re kidding, right?

Is it me or is Spring really messed up this year?

Hubby and I spent the morning burning one–just one–of the debris piles leftover from the last storm. Deconstructing the collection of debris wrapped around our few remaining trees is like playing Jenga with the Greek gods.

This is in preparation for another BIG storm that is supposed to hit tomorrow. Next up…sandbags. That sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

But I really shouldn’t complain. My brother-in-law in South Dakota said it got down to 12-degrees last night and snow is predicted for Sunday. If anybody deserves a nice dose of spring, it’s the MidWest.

Here’s your weekend wisdom–cowboy-style–from my new release, THAT COWBOY’S FOREVER FAMILY:

Happy reading, my friends.