Finally FRIDAY: December is upon us…oh, my!

Where did November go? I blinked and it was gone. I’m “blaming” BookBub for the exciting, and, at times, grueling promotion frenzy that has occupied my every waking–and, unfortunately, too many non-waking–moments.

Thanks for the memories, BookBub! It’s been a wild ride!

Happily, the effort has been worth it. Every day, I get a report from BookTrkr telling me how many of my books have sold–or been downloaded–and WHERE.

Here’s a recent day’s country list:

Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Argentina, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Slovakia, Germany, Mexico & France.

Wow! Right?!

I decided to keep the sale price of FREE through December 15 because…I honestly don’t remember why. LOL. If I’d known it was this much work, I probably would have ended it today. Sigh. But, I am happy–really happy–about getting this book in the hands of readers around the world.

Now, about this whole December thing…how many gifts have you bought?

If you say you’re done with your shopping, I’m sorry, but we are no longer friends. (Kidding. I admire you. Really. But I hate you, too. 😉 Just a bit.)

I am very behind, but here’s one thing I just realized: I’ve become an online shopper.

I didn’t mean to, but I was in Target last week and nearly had a panic attack. So many people. Long lines. Strangers coughing. Too warm (germs flourish in a warm environment, right?).

Since then, I’ve purchased half a dozen gifts from the comfort and cleanliness of my couch.

Are you a brick and mortar shopper or an online shopper? Really curious.


6 thoughts on “Finally FRIDAY: December is upon us…oh, my!

    • I hear you. I tried to buy my older granddaughters PJs from Amazon, but I couldn’t bring myself to hit buy without actually touching the fabric and holding them up for size. Teens and Tweens are hard to fit, you know.

      A trip to Penneys, I fear. Morning! Maybe on a Tuesday. 😉

  1. What wonderful news on your Bookbub!

    I’m not sure where much of 2018 went.

    Have to go early in the morning to shop at Target this time of year.

    I’ve only started. Only the youngest kid gave me a list. I know the middle is about to start studying for finals, and the oldest is in grad school and planning a wedding, so that’s where his head lies. He’s probably studying for finals, too. Trying not to be that mom, hounding them, but I might not be able to get everything they want if they don’t give me a list.

    • My kids are super hard to buy for–because if they want something, they get it. Immediate gratification. I can’t compete with that. Sigh.

      Middle granddaughter posted her list on Amazon–and gave the list to several people. I picked out two things from the list, but one had already been purchased. I think Amazon needs to mark those as purchased BEFORE you get all the way to paying for them. Stupid waste of time.

      Good suggestion about Target. Ours remodeled recently so I was confused. Had to ask and couple of clerks.

      Thanks re: BookBub. It was great.

  2. So pleased your Bookbub worked so well. I haven’t even thought about Christmas yet, let alone shopping. As far as shopping goes, I live in a truly gorgeous little town with wonderful shops — no big chain stores — so I like to support them by spending my money locally. It can be a little more expensive but I get quality, a lovely smile and chat from the shop owner and feel good about keeping my local community vibrant. Today is our monthly farmer’s market and I’m just about to go and see what they have on offer. This just might be the beginning of my Christmas shopping.

    • I love the thought of you going to Farmer’s Markets when my side of the world is shivering the dark. LOL. Thanks for making me smile. I also like the idea of spending money locally, but kids want what is popular and that’s not always available in smaller markets. Our little town lost its bookstore a few years ago and hasn’t had a toy store for a decade. Maybe the reason Amazon is so successful is that it puts all those things within reach. I hate supporting the “Zon,” but it’s hard to avoid–even if you’re just giving gift cards. Sigh.

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