Finally Friday: another storm? You’re kidding, right?

Is it me or is Spring really messed up this year?

Hubby and I spent the morning burning one–just one–of the debris piles leftover from the last storm. Deconstructing the collection of debris wrapped around our few remaining trees is like playing Jenga with the Greek gods.

This is in preparation for another BIG storm that is supposed to hit tomorrow. Next up…sandbags. That sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

But I really shouldn’t complain. My brother-in-law in South Dakota said it got down to 12-degrees last night and snow is predicted for Sunday. If anybody deserves a nice dose of spring, it’s the MidWest.

Here’s your weekend wisdom–cowboy-style–from my new release, THAT COWBOY’S FOREVER FAMILY:

Happy reading, my friends.


Finally Friday: Good Friday, no less!

Well, what a week it’s been! I didn’t write a blog last Friday because I was a tad preoccupied with Mother Nature’s hissy fit.

Thursday of last week, we got 2.5″ of rain in under two hours. We were soaked the minute we stepped outside because the rain was coming down sideways. The water in our normally dormant little creek rose to within 20′ of our shop, took down living trees, knocked over two power poles and left behind a debris field half a football field wide in places. We scrambled to protect our house and property. We were lucky. Two residents of our county are still missing; their bodies have not been recovered.


Deb’s creek: top view is from November, bottom view is from yesterday.

Friday of last week, I was ankle deep in a bog of mud, run-off, cow poop and who knows what else, helping out the cowboy who runs a cow/calf operation on the neighboring property recover what was left of the fence between our two properties. He’s a sweet man who lives two hours away with a lovely wife and four kids and works a full time job. He didn’t have any idea how bad our area got hit until he showed up to check on his cows. The repairs turned out to be a huge job, made more difficult because we couldn’t access the area with a tractor.

I may be the only one who was surprised when I developed a high fever three days later and was diagnosed with strep throat. Nasty flood water + big time germs + high stress and fatigue = bad news. So, today, I’m still resting and recovering and reading!!!

My READ4LESS newsletter went out yesterday and I downloaded some great books from some of my favorite authors: Jean Brashear, Linda Barrett, Rogenna Brewer, plus, a new-to-me pick from Charlene Sands and a time-travel book from Dee Davis! This is the BEST way to heal. 😉

So, what are your plans for Easter? All of my grandgirls have other plans, so I will be hanging out with family. Good food and great people but no little egg-hunters. Sob. Here’s a shot I took of two of them before they left yesterday.

Happy Easter, everyone! Let the Cadbury eggs roll.



Finally, Friday: Before and After blurbs, Part II

Good Friday morning, all!

I hope you had a productive week! Mine was a bit over-the-top, actually.

We wrapped up Phase 1 of my website remodel.

My web doctor got the basic framework in place then transferred the site to a new server. I asked her to keep things simple so I can do updates myself. The best news is: she fixed my blog! I can upload photos again, which is a BIG deal for me. I love being able to share photos of what’s happening in Debland. 😉

We took a stroll along the Merced River Canyon on Sunday. Lots of icy water in the river and wild flowers galore.

Remember last week, when I shared the information about the blurb-writing webinar? Well, thanks to that class and some great feedback, I managed to tweak the blurb for THAT COWBOY’S FOREVER FAMILY and upload to all vendors for sale.

Here’s the final version and my new cover. What do you think?

Life can change in an instant. The same amount of time it takes for a bullet to kill.
Ranch foreman Tom Butler loved his ex-wife enough to let her go when ambition lured her to L.A., but he never stopped loving their two daughters. His rustic lifestyle in the Central Valley added light years to the distance between them until the day tragedy struck. Tom may not be the dad his daughters know, but he’ll do anything for his family—even ask for help from a beautiful stranger.
Victims advocate Abby Davis’s life needs a major overhaul–just not the kind her newly single boss has in mind. On the verge of quitting, she meets Angela and Heather Butler–and their father. She can’t turn her back on two brokenhearted children and their beleaguered father, but can she do her job without losing her heart in the process?
That Cowboy’s Forever Family is Book 6 in the West Coast Happily-Ever-After series. If you’re a fan of deeply emotional stories that make you smile through your tears, then you can’t miss Debra Salonen’s cowboy dad, his brave little girls and the woman they were meant to love.
Buy That Cowboy’s Forever Family to escape into a warm, happy place where love thrives.

(THAT COWBOY’S FOREVER FAMILY is available on preorder: BUY /releasing wide April 3).

And here is the BEFORE and AFTER version of my blurb for Forever and Ever, By George. I think this cover is one of my favorites!

Even the dog knows the importance of happily-ever-after.
Click on cover to start reading Chapter 1.

(FOREVER AND EVER, BY GEORGE – Book 7 – West Coast Happily-Ever-After is available on preorder: Buy  , releasing wide May 1.)

This weekend we’re celebrating my son’s birthday and hosting a “Meet and Greet” for a friend who is running for County Supervisor of our District. That sounds like more socialization than I normally see in a month. Wish me luck!