FINALLY FRIDAY: an unexpected perk of getting older

Triggered by the 30-year anniversary of the release of Die Hard, my hubby and I have started “re-visiting” some older movies, which thanks to the little touted perk of age–poor memory–seem like new releases to us. 😉

First up: Quigley Down Under – starring Tom Selleck and his moustache.

We truly enjoyed this movie for several reasons.

First, Tom Selleck’s hero never wavered. He carried the female lead (Laura San Giacomo) across a freakin’ desert and — be still my heart–when he left her to go finish off the bad guys, he did what every great hero does…he looked back. I cheered. My hubby rolled his eyes.

Second, to our complete surprise (“Is that… No, it can’t be…OMG, it is…) Alan Rickman played the bad guy. So well. With such smug, self-satisfied egocentricity, he could have been a politician. I miss him. 🙁

Third, we were reminded of the sad facts surrounding the treatment of native residents at that time. I’d never heard the term “pacification by force.” Some scenes were truly heartbreaking.

Do you have an older movie favorite we might enjoy? I’m making a list to get us through the cold winter nights. 😉

Cheers, Deb

P.S. – one of my Tule books is currently free and it has a pretty cool hero, too. FYI.